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Tiny Gatekeeper Residence Finds New Life as a Smart Apartment in Barcelona!

When it comes to big cities, every inch of space is valuable and in a city like Barcelona, a small, old and unused gatekeeper residence is also a gold mine full of possibilities! That is even truer when you have the creative folk from YLAB Arquitectos transforming the 38 square meter space completely to fashion a modern, functional and space-savvy occasional home that is perfect for the urbanite. Designed to tuck away mess, maximize available room both functionally and aesthetically and to ensure that the apartment has a personality of its own, this little apartment in Gracia, Barcelona thrills you with inspiration and wonder.

White and wood create a beautiful and space-savvy interior for the tiny Barcelona apartment
White and wood create a beautiful and space-savvy interior for the tiny Barcelona apartment

The defining aspect of this transformed unit is undoubtedly the custom carpentry in white satin lacquer with natural light oak veneer that runs throughout the home and gives it a polished panache. Step inside and you are surprised by the way in which warmth of wood is carefully intertwined with contemporary white finishes as the central kitchen unit and workstation morphs into different functional décor items in different rooms. There is a visual and textural continuation of style with bespoke décor altering each and every room of the apartment. Even in the bathroom, the white and wood theme continues with a neutral backdrop and a gorgeous floating wooden vanity.

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Work desks and storage units can all be concealed with ease!
Bespoke carpentry makes a big difference inside this home
Concealed wooden beams, LED lighting and white modern finishes present a picture of refinement
Custom carpentry throughout the house turns it into an efficient and relaxing home that maximizes space
Custom foldable tables and wall-mounted additions inside the home
Foldable bed and unique besopke wall units turn the living and kitchen area into bedroom at night

The old windows were replaced with modern counterparts while a folding bed that can be pulled out at night easily turns the open, spacious living area into a bedroom when needed. Beautiful LED lighting along with modern classics like the Paulistano lounge chair add another layer of sophistication as one quickly forgets that this was once a forgotten and cramped apartment unit devoid of any life!

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Former gatekeeper residence in Gracia turned into a gorgeous occasional home
Hidden behind the custom units are cabinets that serve different functions
Wooden stools adds to the overall theme of the home
Bathroom in white with floating wooden vanity
Cleverly hidden shelves, cabinets and folding furniture pieces transform this Barcelona apartment

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