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Balance and Tranquility: How to Create a Water Feature in Your Garden

The sound of flowing water can be relaxing indeed. It makes your living environment a whole lot more pleasant and tranquil. It gives a sense of balance to the urban environment that is otherwise surrounded by concrete, glass, stone and materials that have absolutely no give. It is this balance that water brings which makes flowing water features a staple of Zen-styled environments and homes that place an emphasis on Oriental design principles and Feng Shui. But how do you go about adding a water feature to your garden or backyard?

Pick a water feature that blends in with the landscape

As always, we are here to help in making the process of adding a water feature to your garden easy and largely effortless. Every garden, big or small, can incorporate a water feature and benefit from it immensely. It will quickly become the focal point of your outdoor living environment and should put your mind at ease after a long, hard day at work. From the audacious and the expansive to the modern and space-savvy, here are some smart tips along with ample inspiration to help you pick the right water feature for your garden –

1. Survey the Space

The first part is the most essential and it all starts with choosing the right spot for your water feature. Knowing the amount of space you have to work with, practical constraints that come with and also how it interacts with the landscape will narrow down your choices dramatically. This is where you will have to choose between a still water feature or one that involves flowing water. Again, think of all the components involved; how you will manage the feature over time and the overall cost before you get started.

Slim water feature for the contemporary entry
Outdoor dining table along with a water feature
Water feature under the stairway gives the interior a tranquil appeal

2. Fluidity Between Elements

As we alluded to earlier, an important part of adding a water feature to your existing garden is knowing the way in which it will interact with the existing elements. Be it the gradient of the land, natural lighting and shade available indifferent parts of the garden or your preferred sitting space – make sure you think about the larger picture before you commit to a design. We always suggest having the water feature close to your usual outdoor hangout as it gives the entire area a more relaxing and fun vibe.

Sound of flowing water can feel incredibly soothing [From: Church Hill Landscapes]
Bridge above the koi pond acts as entrance to the contemporary home

3. Knowing the Size and Utility

Decide on how you wish to use the water feature – whether it is just a pool of still water that serves as a reflective pond, a small waterfall feature that borrows from the style of the garden or a large pool that invites friends and family to take a refreshing dip. Your lifestyle, usual activity and taste play a big part in making this choice for you. If you already have a dedicated pool area and want something more contemplative and elegant for the garden, then we suggest a mini waterfall feature or maybe even a small koi pond with a bridge!

Innovative Water feature [From: Dreamscapes / Nick Straabe]
A touch of charm to the contemporary landscape

4. Scaling Up is Easier!

Before you commit to a grand water feature it is best to remember that it is always easier to scale up than to scale down. Work with something small and easy and give yourself time to understand exactly what works best in your garden. Working with rainwater and existing streams to create a simple and organic water feature should give you a good idea of what is possible and the magnitude of water feature that you can handle.

Transitional landscape with water feature is perfect for the contemporary home [From: Charles McClure]
Modest water features work well in urban landscape [From: a pleno sol]

5. Ambiance, Lighting and Landscape

Plan for things beyond the water feature itself like the lighting around it and the kind of ambiance you wish to create. Some gardens demand a modern and curated water feature that is clean, crisp and elegant. Others look great with a waterbody that is far more rustic, wild and vibrant. Local weather conditions, rainfall, flora and fauna also help make this choice while smart lighting lets you enjoy the new highlight of your garden even after sunset.

Modern pool with TV and a screen of flowing water [From: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]
Combination of pool and waterfalls is well and truly spectacular

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