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Relaxing Garden of a Classic Dutch Villa Plays Host to This Amazing Office!

In the lap of picturesque southern Netherlands is the town of Vught; the site of the lovely backyard office on showcase today. Designed by studio PROTOTYPE, the office is an extension of the classic Dutch villa that already sits on the site and is surrounded by lush green gardens and a serene, natural ambiance. Despite the red brick exterior of the original home, the standalone home office in the rear presents a slightly different visual with its Iroko wooden window frames, glass walls and windows and a custom hipped roof covered with copper sheets. Tiny Office Pavilion embraces the scenery around it even while creating a woodsy, cozy escape.

Fabulous copper roof of the office pavilion adds character to the setting

It feels like the office is set within a beautiful park and despite its sweeping presence, the structure still lets the main villa play the role of the protagonist. A fireplace in the home office gives it an even more inviting appeal while the large natural-edge desk and ergonomic chair are undoubtedly the focal point of the inspiring space. The office is also home to a tiny bedroom alcove, kitchen and bathroom – space for the servants of the house. This gives the structure more multi-functional value and can be transformed into an additional guest room as well down the line.

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Iroko wood and glass interior of the Tiny Office Pavilion Vught
Kitchen inside the office pavilion
Natural edge work desk and an interior draped in Iroko wood create a cozy office
Tiny Office Pavilion Vught sits next to a classic Dutch home with red brick exterior

The most striking aspect of the office is the expansive use of Iroko wooden finishing inside it. This unique approach gives the interior a seemingly ‘Scandinavian-oriental’ finish without going over the top. Tranquil, tasteful and inspirational, this is an office in the garden that every home owner dreams about! [Photography: Jeroen Musch]

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Spacious office pavilion in the garden is both inspiring and relaxing
Tiny bedroom lit beautifully inside the office
Facility block inside the office pavilion with bed space and toilets
Sectional view of the unique office space in Netherlands
View of the plan for spacious office in the garden
Floor plan of Tiny Office Pavilion

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