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Sea and Sky Discovery Centre: Imposing Gable Roof and Spectacular Scenery

There are occasions when the residence that sits on a lot steals the spotlight with its sheer brilliance and extravagant design. Then there are occasions when it is the landscape that sets the tone and becomes the focal point. The Sea and Sun Discovery Centre in Squamish, BC, Canada is a building that falls into the latter category as the mountains in the backdrop and the scenery beyond leave you spellbound. The imposing structure was built as a marketing hub for the upcoming larger community in the area that is named the same. An Ekistics Architecture design that is truly out of this world!

Stunning Sea and Sky Discovery Centre in Squamish, Canada

The gabled-roof design of the building draws its inspiration from the many vernacular industrial homes that stand on this iconic landscape. The interior feels spacious and extravagant with double-height office area, living space, kitchen and coffee house flowing into the deck outside. Wood and glass are balanced with dark metallic frame of the gable roof section. A series of glass walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows completely open up the interior to the magnificent view on offer just outside.

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Gable roofs and stunning interior of the captivating Sea and Sky Centre
Kitchen and interior that is connected with the deck outside
Sitting area and office zones inside the building
Spacious double-height interior of the structure inspired by local design
Wood, glass and metal are combined beautifully at this Canadian building
Breathtaking design of the Sea and Sky Discovey Centre
Breathtaking design of the Sea and Sky Discovey Centre

Everything from the entryway to the deck and the rear section, everything falls into the overall theme of the building and you are given a brilliant preview of the potential that this area holds. Contemporary, classic and vernacular elements rolled into one! [Photography: Kareem Negm]

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Covered entry and deck adds dramatic charm
Dark metal panels along with glass create a delightful gable design
Design plan of Sea and Sky Discovery Centre in Canada
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