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Grab Your Decor Inspiration From These Spring Home Tours

Finally, it is time to pack the winter decor and place it in deep storage. Spring is when it is time to add light materials and vivid colors, followed by delicate blooms and greenery. 

If you’ve already packed away the last remnants of winter decor in your home, you are left with a blank canvas to experiment with. Do you need some ideas and inspiration on what to do next? This post shares the spring home tours by popular decor bloggers. See how they made their home spring-ready and seize your inspiration!

Bold And Unique

The gorgeous living room by Dimples and Tangles depicts the upcoming season while staying authentic with their personal style. The abundance of colors and blooms makes the space feel bright and fresh.

Photo Credits: Dimples And Tangles

Subtle Spring Decor 

If you love a neutral aesthetic, introduce the new season subtly. Add a few finishing touches to your year-round decor to make your living room spring ready. This gorgeous living room provides a neutral backdrop for decorating. The marble Easter eggs on the coffee table and oversized glass vases are the details that define the seasonal decor without overwhelming the space.

Photo Credits: Remingtone Avenue

A Charming Breakfast Nook

Setting up a breakfast nook in a sunny corner of your kitchen is ideal for the spring. The vertical wall garden adds freshness, turning the blank wall into a focal point.  The French bistro-style table and chairs are an exceptional detail that enhance the setting, a favorite for many decor enthusiasts.

Photo Credits: Blesser House

Floral Pillows Galore

The floral pillows are a charming detail that brings spring vibes to any empty corner. Add a colorful throw on the bench in the entryway to highlight the spring aesthetic from the moment guests enter your home. A tote with artificial flowers will also do the trick.

Photo Credits: Shades Of Blue Interiors

Pink Mantel Decor 

The curated mantel by The Pink Dream is an excellent example of elegant spring decor. The crystal eggs and floral decorations in a pale pink color elevate the mood but are subtle enough to fit the style. The antique mirror anchors the setting and defines the decorative vignette. 

Photo Credits: The Pink Dream

Spring Farmhouse Decor

Just because your preferred style tends towards neutrals, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t add color!  The blue and magenta accents refresh this farmhouse living room for the spring, along with the few pops of floral color from the flower arrangements and wall art.

Photo Credits: Saw Nail And Paint

Kitchen Counters Deserve Spring Decor Too

Don’t forget about the kitchen countertops when bringing the spring vibe to empty corners in your home. The cute photo by Clean And Scentsible shows how to decorate your countertops in a way that works for the kitchen, without taking up too much valuable functioning space. 

Photo Credits: Clean And Scentsible

Mixing Patterns

The interpretation of spring decor is pretty flexible, and in this case, it’s a mix of patterns and textures. The mix-and-match throws pillows convey the liveliness of spring but in a way that works for the neutral setting.

Photo Credits: Rooms For Rent

Dreamy Creamy Neutrals

A curated mix of creamy tones creates a light and airy space. The green wreath adds a touch of freshness to the farmhouse living room design, while not interfering with all the classic design elements of the style.

Photo Credits: Micheala Diane

Elegant Spring Decor

Meshing seasonal decor elements with your normally elegant style is easier than you think—or at least Leslie Style has made it look easy with her living room! The whites, wood, and golden accents dominate the living room. The florals and wooden beads add a finishing touch in a way that works for the style. 

Photo Credits: The Leslie Style

Kristina Shestakova

Kristina is a home decor enthusiast that loves to share practical tips. With more than 5 years in the interior design content writing niche, she has lots to share. She is obsessed with Pinterest, looking for the most creative ideas for your inspiration. Hopefully, this will motivate you to create the home you always wanted.

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