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Holiday Home Surrounded by Greenery Combines Woodsy Warmth with Geometric Flair

If you love a vacation home that is surrounded by greenery, then the gorgeous and unique Holiday House in Cap Ferret designed by Atelier du Pont in France is one that leave you charmed. The landscape of the house gently slopes and that adds to the overall design as the different cabin units flow into the deck outside. The pool and the deck link the various wooden units that offer a lovely refuge for more than a family even as the triangular windows usher in natural light. The windows also add unique geometric appeal to an exterior where it is wood that sets the tone. A strawberry forest along with yucca and pines provides a natural layer of privacy for those inside.

Unique triangular windows and openings bring geometric style to the fabulous holiday home

On the inside, it is a monochromatic white color palette that takes over with wooden floors and windows providing visual warmth. Large glass walls on both the lower and the upper level bring the outdoors inside while pendant lights in the dining room and a fabulous Togo sofa in orange in the living room provide bright splashes of color. Accent cushions in blue and cabinets in the kitchen also add color while wall art also provides contrast to a modern rustic home. [Photography: Takuji Shimmura / Philippe Garcia]

Holiday House in Cap Ferret with wooden exterior and glass walls
Series of terraces and covered courtyards connect different cabins of the house seamlessly
Small forest of strawberry tree, yucca, and pines surrounds the lovely vacation home
Spacious wooden deck connects the two cabins inside the Holiday Home in France
Spacious wooden deck connects the two cabins inside the Holiday Home in France
Wooden exterior of the house along with large glass walls and sliding doors adds modernity to the holiday home

The construction blends into the topography of the terrain. The spaces were designed for a large sibling so that everyone while getting together, can still benefit of intimacy and calm. The cabins are connected to one another through a series of terraces.

Bright Togo Sofa in orange adds color to the neutral space in white and wood
Bunk beds in the kids’ room with ladder that feels both stylish and space-savvy
Change in lighting creates an interplay between shadows and light at the Holiday House
Colorful blend of pendants with plenty of pattern add something unique to the kitchen and dining area
Game room on the upper level with glass walls offers lovely views of the landscape outside

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