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How to Decorate a Room with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

If you are a lucky renter or homeowner whose interior features floor-to-ceiling windows, revel in the view and make those glass panes count! Today we’re sharing a few decorating ideas that will help you showcase your large windows to the fullest. In short, you don’t want to detract from the view. Avoid cluttering your space or covering the windows with furniture. Instead, make smart design decisions that give your floor-to-ceiling windows room to shine (or gleam)! Below we’ll show you how… [photo from Trulia via Popsugar]

A Clear View

Let’s start with the obvious: preserving an unobstructed view. If your space is a large one, it should be no problem to keep the windows free from clutter. [photo from MU Architecture via Housely]

Modern home with floor-to-ceiling windows

If your interior features one large window (rather than a wall of them), consider letting it stand on its own, without the addition of furniture and decor, as shown below. [photo by Muffy Kibbey for building Lab]

Modern room with a forest view

Even a few feet of empty space in front of the window can make a big difference. Orienting the room in a way that creates a natural “aisle” or walking area next to your window is helpful, as shown in this next bedroom. [photo from Doublespace Photography for Christopher Simmonds Architect]

Floor-to-ceiling window with an unobstructed view

The Space Between

Another helpful decorating tactic in rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows is making the most of the space between the windows. Below we see the living room of London designer Tara Bernerd. A bookshelf holds reading materials, but the space on either side of it is clear, except for an unobtrusive side table in the corner. [photo from Lonny]

Living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

In this next photo, wall space in between and alongside windows is well utilized. Shelving holds decor and necessities, while the window curtains part so the view is a focal point. [photo from Lonny]

Modern eclectic bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows

Corner chairs align with the curtains in this modern bedroom, leaving the scenery outside virtually unobstructed. More on window seating later in the post! [photo by Matthew Millman, from Redmond Aldrich Design]

Corner chairs in a bedroom with a view

Helpful Hints

Here are a few more helfpul hints that might come in handy as you prepare to decorate your room with floor-to-ceiling windows. First up: if you’re short on space or want to maximize the “light and airy” feel of the room, opt for see-through furniture. Glass and acrylic pieces enhance the open vibe. Below we see an apartment at The Bath Club in Miami Beach, designed by Jennifer Post. [photo by Ken Hayden Photography]

Jennifer Post apartment with a stunning view

Try setting furniture a few feet away from the window if possible. The desk in the next photo is placed alongside the windows without blocking them. [photo from Jose Garcia Design]

Bedroom with a modern desk

If the windows are in the bedroom, consider situating the bed so it faces them, rather than using them as a “headboard”. That way you can truly enjoy the view. Automated blinds are also helpful, as they can be raised and lowered as needed. In the space below, they are currently raised so the daytime view can be admired. [photo from Inspired Dwellings]

Bedroom with a view

Eating Nooks

If your dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the view during mealtimes. In the dining room below, only two chairs are displayed, which creates more space. Not to mention, there are fewer chairs to block the view. [from Dwell, photo by Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing]

Eating nook with a view

A round table can create more space, contributing to the open feel of the room. [from Andrew Snow Photography via Houzz]

Breakfast nook in a light-filled interior

If placing seating right up against the windows in necessary, consider a sleek bench that will complement the view (without visual clutter) rather than detract from it. [photo from beeyoutifullife.com]

Eating area in a kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows

Admiring the View

If you’re lucky enough to have a stunning view, make the most of it! A chair by the window can serve as a spot for collecting your thoughts, brainstorming, or having a quiet moment of meditation. [photo from C Wright Design]

Room with a view and a chair

Be sure to orient your chair in a position that will allow you to take in the scenery! [photo from Best of Interiors]

Bedroom with a view and a chair

Or to make the most of your space, position the chair facing in toward the room if necessary. Then you can easily rearrange it when you have the desire to admire the lake or forest just outside the glass. [photo via Houzz]

Modern bedroom with a corner chair

For a fun, see-through touch that will add a bit of design history to your interior, go with an iconic piece like this Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair. A special view deserves special seating! [photo from Terrat Elms Interior Design]

Enjoy the view from a Bubble Chair

Bench Bliss

We end today’s post by highlighting the design possibilities offered by a bench. With no back to block the window, it’s a streamlined, sleek design solution. [photo from Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction]

Modern bench by a floor-to-ceiling window

A cushioned bench can serve as a comfy resting spot that adds a touch of decadent style to your bright, airy interior. [photo by Derek Skalko for Charles Cunniffe Architects]

Elegant bedroom with a window bench

It can also provide a practical spot where you can set out clothes for the next day or temporarily stash necessities. [photo via interiordesigne.com]

Modern bedroom with a bench and an ocean view

Whether you take extra time to maximize your view or purchase a piece such as a standout chair, your efforts to make the most of your floor-to-ceiling windows will not go unnoticed. Kind of like the view outside!

Kate Simmons

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