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Chic and Feminine: Luxurious Two Level Apartment in Kiev

There are times when you can clearly define a home, its distinct style and what makes it so special. Then there are occasions when you feel that a house just has the ‘it’ factor that simply ropes you in. The fabulous Two Level Apartment in Kiev is one such mesmerizing home designed by Lera Katasonova that captivates you with its relaxing, lustrous charm and a soft, subtle feminine vibe. The house uses a color palette where bright and bold hues are shunned in favor of more serene tones and beautiful neutrals that paint a picture of tranquility.

Entrance with bench to the two level apartment in Kiev

Step inside, and one notices the wonderful use of contrasting materials and finishes as wooden slats, bright metallic pendants and textured walls come together in a seemingly effortless fashion. Nothing seems out of place here, with the entry leading to the spacious living area that is filled with a gray sectional, matching chairs, and décor that is understated. An entertainment zone and open bookshelf flank the living area on one side, even as the stairs leading to the bedroom sit on the opposite side. Large windows, blinds and curtains combine to usher in filtered sunlight, as shadows and light alter the dynamics of the room with the changing time and seasons.

A blend of different metallics in the form of glittering pendant lights at the entrance

Wooden slats filter in sunlight even while creating a private living space

Sectional in gray, unique pendants and lovely natural lighting create a fabulous living space

Gorgeous living room of the Kiev home has a relaxed feminine vibe

Comfy decor with Scandinavian vibe inside the house

Kitchen peninsula with amplpe storage and shelf space

Kitchen and dining room of the Kiev home with woodsy warmth

Wooden staircase with glass railing leads to the top level

A small dining area next to the large kitchen with ample storage space acts as a cozy ‘social zone’, while the master bedroom with its tufted headboard wall and beautiful bedside pendant lighting oozes luxury. A colorful, yet classy kids’ room with corner beds and a contemporary bathroom complete this exquisite residence in Kiev that is both comfy and pleasant.

Walls of wooden slats used to delineate space inside the house

Extendable circular dining table saves space

Dazzling pendant lights create a dreamy setting inside the Kiev home

A series of pendants shapes the stairwell inside the Kiev home

Tufted headboad for the large bed creates an air of luxury in the bedroom

Bedside lighting saves space even as it adds to the feminine vibe of the room

Colorful kids' room with twin beds in the corner

Fabulous bathtub steals the show here!

Smart modern abthroom with textured walls and glass shower area

Sherry Nothingam
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