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Farm House: Clean Energy and Classic Design Bring Alive this Lovely Aussie Home

The rugged terrain of Western Australia and its vast outback can be demanding indeed. Creating a comfortable home in this landscape along with eco-friendly features is a challenge that requires both care and right understanding of local conditions.

Bringing together both these elements along with a healthy does of timeless charm, the Farm House is an escape that effortlessly blends the contemporary with the classic! Designed by archterra architects, this spacious and relaxing residence in Western Australia invites you indoors with pitched roof and series of verandahs all around that can be spotted from a fair distance.

Step inside and you will see a world where oiled wood is beautifully coupled with rammed earth and modern finishes to give the home a stylistic and eco-savvy presence. The materials not only take you back in time to a more rustic world, but also keep out the scorching heat that is all too common here and ensure in cutting back artificial cooling systems. Even the design of the house along with its T-shaped form and orientation ensure that sunlight floods indoors even as its harsher elements are firmly left outside. The series of verandahs outside also create a buffer zone, making the interior pleasant even in summer months.

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Farm house in Western Australia with modern rustic vibe
Oiled timber flooring inside the house adds to its passive cooling techniques
Wooden shelves and TV entertainment unit of the farm house
Kitchen with wooden island and a lovely green tiled backsplash
Rammed earth and wood give the house a naturally cool frame
Glass walls open up the exterior to the private bedroom
Beautifully crafted garden outside the modern rustic Aussie farmhouse
Beautifully crafted garden outside the modern rustic Aussie farmhouse

A water recycling system, 2KW solar panel installation and other smart features ensure that the carbon footprint of the Farm House is kept down to an absolute minimum. Cleverly placed louver windows and passive cooling do the rest as you have a home that fits perfectly into the Western Australian scenery. [Photography: Douglas Mark Black]

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Photovoltaic panels that power the farmhouse sit on the roof
Oiled timber cladding shapes the exterior of the house
Natural bushland scenery around the farm house
Bushland landscape around the farm house adds to its charming traditional appeal
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