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Modern Color: Contemporary Apartment in Taipei Inspired by Classic Eichler Homes

Architecture and design not constrained by conventional boundaries — this is exactly why we see design greats from one part of the world borrowing inspiration from an entirely different culture and giving it new meaning.

For the design enthusiasts in US, Eichler homes are nothing new and their fundamental form has inspired a whole generation of midcentury and midcentury modern residence that we all love. Taking these ideas to the Far East and incorporating them into a small apartment in Taipei, Studio In2 fabricated gorgeous Modern Color; a space where natural light, clean design and simple straight lines hold sway.

Since the interior makeover was inspired by the classic Eichler home, it is easy to see why there is a flood of natural light in the living area along with minimal use of partitions. Movement from one room to another is organic with a central ventilation duct providing a focal point of sorts. Even more interesting features come in the form of the custom living room bookshelf that has an angled design and combines wood with mirrors and sliding doors that save space while giving the home an urbane, contemporary look. White, wood and a bit of greenery complete this exquisite little apartment where design makes life simpler and more efficient! [Photography: Jackal Liu]

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Simple flowing lines and modern elegance shape the interior of the home
Simple flowing lines and modern elegance shape the interior of the home


Sliding doors save space while shaping a smart contemporary interior
Windows and drapes usher in filtered natural light
Angled bookshelf design brings something unique to the bedroom
Concrete wall for the living room gives it a smart and sturdy backdrop
Plush wooden walls and doors ensure there is no shortage of visual warmth
Structural steel beams inside the apartment
Lovely design of the apartment brings in a wealth of natural light

Concepts inspired by the Eichler homes were used to connect all the spaces in this development. One example from the Eichler homes was having the central courtyard surrounded by rooms. Similarly, all of the project’s functions were grouped around the central space so that they are surrounded by the occupants’ daily activity lines. The configuration of traditional rooms, which have only a singular activity line, was eliminated. Instead, double access was introduced

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Home workstation for a couple in wood
Home workspace in the hallway saves space with ease
Decorating the bedroom corner in minimal style
Floor plan of contemporary home in Taiwan inspired by classic Eichler homes

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