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An Indoor Escape: Fabulous Family Room Styles to Choose From

If there is one thing that we have learnt after a year of dealing with a global pandemic, then it is that family does indeed come first. And we must cherish every moment that we have with them; even if they can get on your nerves at times! Since many of us have been forced to stay indoors for many months at a stretch, the importance of a relaxing and engaging family room in the home design plan has been enhanced greatly. And if you do not have a family room already, this summer is a great time to get started and plan for one. But what style do you choose for the family room?

Brilliant modern farmhouse style family room in white with smart blue accents

Much like every other room of the house, you have a plethora of styles to pick from for the family room. But there are few that are much more popular than others and combine trendy with the timeless in a flowing manner. Today we look at a trio of family room styles that are just perfect for the stylish modern home. One brings with it a sense of summer freshness and abundant energy. The other is all about embracing modernity without going overboard. Third is a style that combines best of traditional elements with contemporary design. Step in and discover the one that suits your own personal style and that of your home best –

Refreshing Beach Style

If there is one style that is perennially popular this time of the year, then it is beach style at it summery best! Beach style with its innately relaxing appeal, natural finishes, neutral backdrop and bright splashes of colors like blue, teal, turquoise, coral and more feels like the perfect fit for the family room. Even the fun beach style accessories and decorative pieces add to the overall appeal of the setting and give it a distinctive personality.

Spacious wood and white family room with blue accents all around [From: JNID Studios]
Textured gray walls along with white sofa and plaid curtains in the cheerful family room [From: CURATED]
Double-height family room in gray and white with slanted ceiling and color scheme in gray and white [From: JLV Creative Design Group]
Modern beach style family room with woodsy elements thrown into the mix
Pattern-filled beach style family room with eye-catching pops of green and yellow [From: ARQ James Reynoso]

Stylish and Relaxing at the Same Time

Those in search of a much more polished and dashing family room should undoubtedly turn to contemporary style with a hint of customized charm. Stick to the basics of contemporary decorating with neutral colors for the backdrop, smart accents and a design plan that places emphasis on de-cluttering and functionality. But add another layer of intrigue to it with features that meet your personal needs – maybe a snooker of foosball table for play time, an area for music and more or even a space to gather as you catch up on favorite movies and TV shows. It is all about combining your interest with practicality and smart aesthetics.

Innovative modern family room with captivating splashes of color all around
It is the views that steal the spotlight in this luxurious contemporary family room [From: Mr. Mitchell]
Polished and stylish family room for the musically inclined with floor cushions [From: Form + Field]
Wooden accent wall, entertainment unit, marble coffee table and greenery for the modern family room [From: Solaire]

Modern Farmhouse with Ingenuity

The modern farmhouse family room is definitely not one overloaded with rustic and vernacular elements. On the contrary, most of these lovely spaces feel elegant and chic with a dash of farmhouse goodness being thrown into the mix. You can combine several different textures and finishes in here with ease as brick, stone and concrete find space next to modern finishes and décor. A brilliant infusion of pattern and classic art pieces put those final touches on this wonderful family room.

Brilliant modern farmhouse style family room in white with smart blue accents
Create a family room that meets the specific interests of your family members [From: Bohannon Design Team]
Decor, fireplace and brilliant colorful couches ramp up style in this modern farmhouse family room [From: Haddock + Cotter Interior Decoration]

Understand that we only shared with you details of various popular family room styles today but have not discussed the basics of creating a family room and its functional aspects. DO check out that simple family room guide as well before you start planning for one this season.

It is rare to find such a beautiful farmhouse style family room in white and blue with comfy décor [From: The Remodeling Company]
Reclaimed wood accent wall for the small family room in white along with movie posters [From: Judith Balis Interiors]
Smart modern farmhouse style family room in gray with small workstation in the corner

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