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Fabulous Ski Slopes Surround this Woodsy Alpine Cabin on Vancouver Island

It is that time of the year again when we starting thinking about much needed winter vacations and how we are going to enjoy the lovely snow-clad slopes in all their splendor. Even if you are not a skiing enthusiast, a getaway like the Alpine Cabin on the Vancouver Island is bound to steal your heart with its cozy design and a landscape all around that is just stunning. This awesome little cabin sits in the heart of ski country and the best powder snow in the region awaits your family here. Designed by Scott & Scott Architects, the cabin was designed as a relaxing modern outpost from which one can enjoy snowboarding without any unnecessary frills.

Gorgeous snow-clad slopes surround the small Alpine Cabin

It is rough sawn fir lumber that shapes the interior of the cabin along with stoic douglas fir beams and columns that support the structure beautifully. Décor is kept down to a bare minimum inside the cabin and every room provides a window into the gorgeous scenery just outside. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, the cabin itself is lit and kept cozy using a wood stove. Water is collected from a nearby source and heated when required and the small cabin almost leaves no carbon footprint.

Mudroom and living area of the cabin
Powder snow around the cabin creates perfect ski slopes
Snow that is perfect for skiing shapes the landscape around the cabin
Stunning scenery around the cabin in Port Hardy, Canada
View of the Alpine Cabin after sunset

It is located in a community operated alpine recreation area which has 1500cm of annual snow accumulation and legendary powder. The cabin is located at 1300m above sea level and is directly accessible by gravel road five months of the year, during the other months equipment and materials are carried by toboggan to the site.

Wood shapes the interior of the cozy cabin
Bedroom of the cabin with a view of the snowy slopes above
Bedroom of the cabin with a view of the snowy slopes above
Closer look at the douglas fir columns inside the cabin
Douglas fir columns, rough sawn fir lumber, and planed fir interior finishes of the cabin
Exterior of the small cabin clad in cedar feels cozy and natural
Ground level floor plan of Alpine Cabin in Canada

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