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Striking Terracotta Façade Welcomes You at the Energy-Efficient Akanaka

Modern homes in South East Asia definitely have a dynamic that is distinctively different from houses both in Europe and America. Bringing together traditional aspects of Indonesian home design and contemporary design principles borrowed from the West, the Akanaka by RAW Architecture is all about maximizing space and energy efficiency. Nestled on an 800-square-meter lot in Jakarta, the expansive home consists of 19 bedrooms spread across two spacious levels, with additional living areas nestled on the ground floor. A central courtyard and light tunnel form the axis around which these individual rooms are placed, as a floor of natural light and green freshness brightens the interior.

Terracotta street facade of the Jakarta home with holes that let in sunlight

The front façade of the house is shaped by a beautiful and bright terracotta wall that was carefully created by craftsmen at Pamulang. This matte orange feature gives the home a cozy, inviting appeal and an unmistakable personality. Carefully placed gaps in the wall bring in filtered light, while much of the harsh tropical sunlight is kept out, even as the natural properties of terracotta cool the home further. Energy efficiency is achieved at this Indonesian home by using passive cooling techniques along with the smartly placed courtyards, which reduce reliance on artificial cooling and lighting systems. [Photography: Ahkamal Hakim, Eric Dinardi]

Sustainable and energy efficinet home in Jakarta

Central courtyard of Akanaka Residence in Jakarta, Indonesia

Central void inside the house brings light into the courtyard

Long corridors and indoor courtyards bring ventilation into all the bedrooms

Indoor dining spaces and green hubs create a refreshing environment

Sheer curtains help in regulation hot sunlight in the tropical region

Modern house in Jakarata with 19 bedrooms spread across two levels

Uplighting coupled with custom, locally crafted terracotta walls give the house a stunning facade

Inside the building, there is much feeling of wood and concrete. The teak wood was engineered by cut into 3mm thin slices, glued on top of plywood to increase lightness, cost, and availability of teakwood. The engineered teak wood panel in module 200 x 1200 mm is hung by stainless steel pin, this construction technique allows the system to be prefabricated, dismantled, maintained whenever it is necessary.

Beautifully lit entrance of the Indonesian home

Street facade of the Akanaka House by RAW Architecture

Natural and energy efficinet Akanaka Residence in Jakarta



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