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Studio Cottage: Giving Abandoned Rural Homes an Aesthetic New Life!

Urban agglomeration has meant that more and more people in developing nations are starting to move from their semi-rural and rural roots and many villages around big cities are starting to resemble ghost towns. This move towards big cities is even more prominent in the East with villages in countries like China and India facing the glowing problem of urban rush. Nestled in one such small suburban village of Beijing is the gorgeous Studio Cottage – a home that was originally built in the 70’s and abandoned over the decades as its owners moved to the heart of Beijing.

Studio Cottage on the rural outskirts of Beijing

Restoring the ruins of this forgotten home and turning it into a comfortable, elegant and efficient modern home with an undeniable rustic soul are the creative folk from Christian Taeubert + Sun Min. Closely working with the owner of this once dissolute home, the architects used locally sourced materials, an open plan living and large sliding glass doors and windows to create an inviting and refreshing living environment. Right next to the living area, kitchen and dining is the master bedroom on one side while on the other side sits a smaller, second bedroom with bathroom.

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Metallic shelves bring glitter and brightness to the rural setting
Cozy and small fireplace in the living room
Open and light filled interior of the Studio Cottage
Revived rural home combines efficiency and style in a relaxing fashion
Rustic rural finishes and metallic surfaces give the interior a low-maintenance design approach
Relaxing sitting space with wooden bench on the floor
Natural materials and rustic finishes shine throughout the house

Earthen walls, carefully curated garden with rustic touches and patches of greenery trimmed to match the style of the new structure and its overall silhouette complete a transformation that is remarkable in every sense of the word. Countering the effect of depopulation and bringing vibrancy to an abandoned setting Studio Cottage offers a solution in more ways than one! [Photography: Boris Shiu, Christian Taeubert]

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Modern rustic bathroom in white
White walls of the bedroom give it a more modern appeal
Earthen walls and rustic finishes give the interior an elegant appeal
Preserving greenery and cherished traditions of Chinese homes
Revitalized 70’s home just outside Beijing with a rural bent
Stone walls, terracotta tiles and earthen walls of the rustic Chinese home
Modern landscape around the house makes it an absolute delight
Floor plan of revamped Studio Cottage in China

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