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Eco-Sensitive Holiday Home Relies on Locally Sourced Stone and Wood

Building a family retreat around the existing trees on a lot requires both sensible and innovative design that combines nature with smart architecture. The House by the Trees was designed by MODO Designs to accomplish precisely that as the open, pavilion-style structure weaves its way through large need, amla and chikoo trees on the lot. Nestled in an affluent neighborhood of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the family retreat relies on the greenery around it for privacy even as the sweeping living areas, dining space and kitchen flow into the landscape outside.

Open, Pavilion style House by the Trees in India

Blurring the traditional lines between the interior and the outdoors, a series of large glass walls and sliding glass doors shape the spacious living area. A modern kitchen sits on one side of the living space while the master bedroom is located at the other end. Transition between each of these spaces and the outdoor deck is seamless and fluid, allowing the homeowners to enjoy an uninhibited and cheerful living environment. Cantilevered verandahs offer ample shade and keep out direct sunlight while vivacious dining table chairs and furniture bring color to the interior.

It is rough kadappa and brown kotah stone that dominate the interior and courtyard while black granite takes over in the contemporary bathrooms. Locally sourced valsadi wood puts the final touches on a vacation home that places emphasis on nature and serenity. [Photography: Monika Sathe]

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Colorful chairs bring brightness to the living area
Rough brown kotah stone used to shape the interior and courtyards around the house
Wood framed glass walls and sliding doors connect the interior with the garden
Naturally sourced stone and local materials create a relaxing guest house
Window frames and doors at the house made from valsadi wood
Smart modern bathroom in black and white with floating wooden vanity
River washed black granite for the modern bathroom

The semi open vestibule and lounge connects the house with the courtyard and garden beyond making the house a seamless place. This connected area can transform in night when the sliding ms grill disconnects the outer area from the internal spaces making it an introverted secured place.

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Covered patio outside the relaxing pavilion style house
Existing trees and greenery around the house have been carefully integrated into its design
Small deck around the house flowing into the rear yard
Large neem trees around the relaxing holiday home
Street facade of the holiday home for modern family in Gujarat
Floor plan of the House by the Trees

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