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Eco-Friendly Cabin Escape in Valle de Bravo is all about Going Green

How we wish we could escape the constant grind of daily life far more often? A gorgeous natural escape that sits on the outskirts of Nevado de Toluca volcano and in the town of Valle de Bravo in Mexico, Mi Cielo promises that perfect retreat. The beautiful getaway combines modern comfort with classic cabin style offering the best of both worlds. Yet, there is more to marvel here than merely aesthetics with the three units of the retreat – one main house, a vegetable garden and an outdoor kitchen, also embracing eco-friendly design principles at every turn. Raúl Galindo + Patricio Galindo ensure that not only are you draped in greenery but go green all the way in here!

Vaulted ceilings and cabin style design shape the Mi Cielo Lodge in the woods

The hotel can operate completely off-grid with solar energy, candle lights and recycled water meeting its energy needs. Thanks to its secluded location in the mountains, the lodge feels like a world in itself – a place where you can discover yourself as much as you discover the pleasure of living in close proximity with nature. Crafted using pine wood and stone, you can easily spot the vernacular beauty of the cabins.

Framed glass walls and windows bring greenery into the living room of the home
Kitchen area of the garden extends seamlessly outside with wooden shelves and a sink that showcase innovative design
Locally sourced pine wood coupled with glass and metal windows inside the stylish cabin
Loft level bedroom of the home with lovely use of natural light
Mezzanine level bedroom of the house overlooking the landscape outside
Sliding glass doors with a dark metallic frame connect the outdoor with the interior
Small outdoor dining area and hangout on the wooden deck with greenery all around

A series of skylights and windows bring natural light into the cabin units and custom wooden furniture, smart shelves and lovely decks all around complete the exceptional lodge. Extending outdoors wherever possible, this is a place where you can rest and rejuvenate with ease! [Photography: WalikingMexico]

View of the Mi Cielo Lodge in Valle de Bravo surrounded by forest landscape
Bringing a bit of Scandinavian inspired beauty to the modern cabin style interior
Cabin-style dining area and kitchen of the home with ample natural lighting
Custom wooden vanity in the bathroom in wood is perfect for the rustic cabin-style interior
Design plan of the Mi Cielo Lodge in Mexico

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