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20 Geometric Decals That Are Trending Now

Transforming your drab wall into a striking piece of art does not need to be as tedious as a paint job. It is challenging to mix and match design ideas to reflect your personality. But, walls do not need to stay dull and empty either. Wall decals are there to make a flattering visual introduction to any room. If you want to make a bigger and bolder change, don’t go too far with the best geometric wall decals.

Red bed with pillows and geometric pattern in wall
Photo Credit: Amazon/RoomMates

Geometric designs do not only add visual interest to the room. Shapes and lines also lend character and emotion to any space. They can further create a focal point and break the monotony. It is best when you need something cool, but hates the hassle of remodeling. Wall decals are great as they are temporary, less messy, and cost-effective decorations. 

Best Geometric Wall Decals for Any Home

From minimalist to contemporary designs, your imagination is the only limit to wall designs. Some people may prefer the classic vibe, while others love funky statement pieces. If you want to showcase pivotal elements for your home’s interior, do so with geometric wall decals. If you want a tapered look or cluttered atmosphere, some designs match it too.

Creating the Illusion of Movement

Geometric wall decals can suggest rhythm and movement through lines and colors. It can invoke an upbeat surrounding. It also lends a visual relationship within your wall design instead of letting it go static. There is no need to go overboard with shapes and colors, though. Even simple minimalist lines and illusionary shapes can imply a movement effect.

The illusion of movement can either be kinetic, rhythmic, or illusory. It will match your feeling of being imaginative and active. Now, you can turn your wall into a big piece of canvas in a flick of a finger.

Plants on a table with chair
Photo Credit: Amazon/NWT

The illusory movement of this geometric wall decal interacts with each other. Thus, it seems to suggest motion. It also sparks activeness and exudes positivity.


Black bird outline on a white wall
Photo Credit: Amazon/Yyart

This Origami Birds Geometric Wall decal gives out a kinetic motion. It is as if there is a change in position and space. It will look great in baby rooms or gives the living room an aesthetic feel.

White laptop on a desk with black chair
Photo Credit: Amazon/Wall Vinyl Decals

Create an optical illusion with elements of arts that suggest a rhythmic composition like this beautiful wall decal. This wall art is best for small rooms to give it a perception of space.

The Trend of Geometric Portraits

The geometric portraits are a trend that is carrying over in 2021. It combines basic shapes, textures, and geometry to create a stark visual composition. Bright and vivid colors often boast of adventure and boldness. But if you want to keep it simple, there are also demure geometric portraits to consider.

Wolf design on a wall with plant
Photo Credit: Etsy/Nursery Room Wall Art

Make your wall or door burst with eclectic color with this Wolf Geometric Wall Decal. The 3D effect will create a new visual impact to bring life to your room.

Bed with rhino on the wall
Photo Credit: Etsy/Stickerscape

The contemporary design of this Triceratops Dinosaur will give a focal interest to your room. The subtle earth colors make a classic statement without being monotonous. It is best for baby and kid’s rooms, and maybe even for adults too!

Whale painted on living room wall
Photo Credit: Etsy/KUARKI

Make your room imaginative with this Geometric Wall Decal of a Whale. It is notable for giving rooms a thematic element and a minimalistic appeal.

The Impact of Balance and Symmetry

Imparting visual coherence is one of the goals of geometry in any design. Although today, some people embrace the modern fit of negative space and minimalism. If you want to maintain balance and harmony in your home, you will never go wrong with geometric outlines.

When using geometrical wall decals to introduce harmony, it is best to stick to one category. Avoid going overboard with too many shapes such that it throws the balance of your room design. But then, if you have the eye for maintaining balance through mixing and matching, it is still worth a try. Besides, every person has a unique and distinctive taste when it comes to art.

Red sofa in white wall
Photo Credit: Etsy/The Patterns Factory

Give your room that uninterrupted harmony with this Half Arch Wall Decal set. The parallel lines of these outlines can create a classy and timeless feeling. Place it on the wall to balance a corner or let it stand as a focal point.

Grey living room with brown center table
Photo Credit: Etsy/Home Art Stickers

Make a statement with a subtle combination of lines, solid shapes, and arches in this design. The sense of order and flow of pattern adds a soothing effect to any space. Frameless designs also add to an illusion of space if you have a narrow wall for display.

Geometric wall design in white background
Photo Credit: Etsy/Stickers4Walls

The coherence and flow of this Retro Wall Art Sticker will complement the contemporary design of a room. The aesthetic placement of shapes also creates symmetry and balance without being monotonous.

The Simplicity of Minimalist Wall Decals

Turning your faceless wall into an interesting work of art does not need the elaborate grandiose of colors. You can still update the look with simple designs that break the dullness of the room. If you favor the concept of minimalism, you may still flavor it with geometric wall decals in monochrome.

Incorporating wall decals that adhere to your room’s color scheme will not throw off your concept. Stick to the color palette of your theme and focus on simple geometric shapes and forms. With this in mind, you can give some feelings to your room and still maintain the purity of its style.

Circuit lines in beige wall
Photo Credit: Amazon/Imprinted Designs Wall Decals

This vinyl wall art decal of a geometric circuit will spark inspiration and maintain harmony in the room. It can still add dimension and visual interest with its uncomplicated design.

Unkept white bed with white flower at the bedside
Photo Credit: Etsy/Home Art Stickers

The light shades and simple shapes of the Boho Wall Decal will inject just the right amount of warmth into a room. It creates some sort of visual calmness with the harmony and balance of the shapes and colors.

Office room with desk and black sofa
Photo Credit: Etsy/KUARKI

The proper placement and organization of spatial figures will make a minimalist room appear less soulless. This Cube Corner Decal has clean lines and uncomplicated patterns to emphasize simplicity. It will lend your room a crisp and clean feel while highlighting harmony.

Acrylic Mirror Geometric Wall Art

Mirrored wall decals continue to be a popular trend among modern homes today. They are valued as they give depth to a room and attention to a blank wall. Geometric wall decals highlight the architectural importance of any home. It will also enhance its decorative appeal. 

Take note, though: they are decorative mirrors. Thus, they are not as clear as the real ones.

Green plant with white and gray things
Photo Credit: Amazon/Decalmile Store

Give your room a lively makeover with this 15-piece Decal Mile Silver Rectangle. The geometrical triangle is useful in bringing in more light.

Blue wall with swirl pattern
Photo Credit: Amazon/Shappy

Add a modern graphic pattern to blank walls with this circle mirror wall decal. Circles have a role in impacting fluidity and harmony in the surroundings.

Two open doors showing two rooms
Photo Credit: Etsy/Modern Clock

Throw together mirror, shape, and a pop of color with this hexagon geometric wall decal. Place it together in a honeycomb detail and create a futuristic effect.

There is no limit to what you can achieve when it comes to your home’s makeover. If you want to establish balance, harmony, and aesthetic appeal, consider the geometric wall decals. These designs add variety and dimension to either match or highlight your wall. They are also versatile to let you move on from the style whenever you feel like doing it. 

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