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This Eclectic Loft in Belgium Is Filled with Color and Quirky Details

All of us dream about a home that is exceptional and exclusive. Some of us go a step further and crave a home that is completely unique and filled with plenty of personality, showcasing an inimitable style. This fun-filled and colorful loft in Antwerp, Belgium definitely fits this billing, as its rich industrial past is combined with eclectic and vibrant modern flair that puts a smile on your face. Nestled in a 50s building, the dwelling was revamped and designed by Studio Job to reflect the vivacious personality of its homeowners.

Colorful rug, artwork and custom decor create a playful and stylish interior

There is absolutely no shortage of color inside this loft, and yet one is not overwhelmed by bright hues, as a relaxing industrial-modern backdrop provides the perfect visual balance. Bespoke décor and quirky accessories have been carefully placed throughout the spacious loft, where the open living area on the lower level welcomes you gleefully. Bright rugs that define individual spaces are a common feature throughout the loft, with the dining room, kitchen and living area nestled on the lower level and master suite, additional living spaces and home office housed on the second floor.

Ingenious modern twin level loft in Belgium designed by Studio Job

Exposed cement beams in the backdrop give the interior a quirky industrial vibe

Fabulous and colorful armchair seems like an extension of the vibrant rug

Vintage elements and industrial flair meet inside fun Antwerp loft

Vivacious rug adds color to the classic dining room

Brick wall in the backdrop of kitchen and dining room with Saarinen Tulip table

Striking wooden staircase with unqiue, colorful railing connects the two loft levels

Dining area has a distinct midcentury modern appeal thanks to the Tulip table with marble top

Contemporary bedroom in white with fabulous bedside lighting

A sculptural wooden staircase links the two levels of the loft, and a functional blend of artificial illumination and natural light give the home a merry vibe. The smart use of textures and bold colors drives away any sense of boredom, even as the stunning terrace and rooftop garden complete an inimitable interior that seems to have a style of its own! [Photography: Dennis Brandsma]

Master bedroom on the top level of the Antwerp loft

Modern bathroom with exposed brick wall

Quirky decor additions give the home office a fun vibe

Custom wooden dining table for the light filled home office

Lovely rug defines the workspace in the open area

Fun way to decorate home office shelves

Custom pink enclosure for the home office

Roof garden of the revamped loft in Antwerp, Belgium

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