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Luxurious and Edgy Eclectic Closets that are Just Spectacular!

Not everyone has enough space or an additional room in the house for a dedicated walk-in closet. But those who do often tend to opt for a look that is modern, understated and filled with neutral hues. Admittedly, that works more times than not but there are occasions when we are left searching for something brilliant; a style that moves away from the mundane and gives the closet an identity of its own. That is where eclectic style comes to your rescue with the way in which it can bring together many different elements without ever seeming out of place.

Stunningly beautiful eclectic walk-in closet with etched glass all around and a chandelier that steals the spotlight [From: Edmunds Studios Photography]

The eclectic closet comes in a wide range of sizes and with different style influences. But today we are focusing on spacious walk-in closets that combine an air of luxury with plenty of color and an unmistakable personality. The best eclectic closets feel brilliant, are engaging and yet they do not leave you overwhelmed with too much color. Some embrace rugged industrial influences while others are injected with beach style overtones and modernity. This is a look at the very best eclectic closets –

An Infusion of Color

There is no shortage of color when it comes to eclectic style and you can use everything ranging from bright pink and bold purple to gorgeous greens and daring reds in here. In the large walk-in closet this infusion of color comes in the form of the many cabinets, shelves and the central bench that provides a seating option. Of course, you can also use wallpaper and paint to add color to this space as well. No matter which approach you use, it is important to not use more than three or four colors in here. If you prefer a walk-in closet with neutral hues, then a carpet or rug along with drapes and other removable fixtures in bold color should do the trick.

Beautiful purple cabinets have been coupled with series of open shelves and hangers in this lovely eclectic walk-in closet [From: Becker Henson Niksto Architects]
Eclectic closet with rugs that add pops of color and open metallic shelves for the wardrobe [From: Lord Design]
Repeating the drapery, wallpaper and other features used in the bedroom to create that perfect walk-in closet [From: Eberlein Design Consultants]
Small eclectic women’s carpeted dressing room with blue cabinets and a painted pink desk [From: Nicole Norris Design Studio]
Yellow drapes and shelves bring color to this classic-eclectic walk-in closet with ample natural light [From: Fiona Andrews Interiors]

Space and Shelving for YOU!

You want to design a walk-in closet that is ideal for you instead of a cookie-cutter model that is more universal. If you are a DIY enthusiast with decent skill, then you can even craft some of the floating shelves and cabinets in wood for the closet all on your own. Depending on the collection in your wardrobe, your footwear and how you change your clothing with change of seasons, you can opt for open and closed shelving. Mirrored closet doors are a popular choice in here and they create visual space and give even the small walk-in closet a larger persona.

Homemade shelves for the eclectic closet of a guy that offer plenty of space for coats, boots and more [From: Nanette Wong]
Open closets and lovely lighting shape this fabulous walk-in closet in Toronto home [From: Tracey Fines Homes]
Spacious, gender-neutral eclectic walk-in closet on the attic levels with hangers and ample storage space [From: Guillaume BRIERE-SOUDE Photographie]
Chic eclectic walk-in closet with neon lighting and an exposed brick wall inside [From: stephane chamard]
Fabulous carpeted walk-in closet with mirrored wardrobe doors and a tinge of green [From: Quatrobase Studio]
Gray cabinets and wardrobes shape this spacious walk-in closet of modern San Francisco home [From: Jay Jeffers]

Beyond the Spacious Walk-in Closet

We completely understand that not everyone has space to spare for a large, luxurious walk-in closet and that is why we want to share inspirations for a smaller eclectic closet that still packs quite a punch. This works even better when you have a bedroom in eclectic style and at times your collection of clothes, jewelry and shoes can add to the vivacious appeal of the closet. Some are simple enough to recreate in even the tiniest of bedrooms while others might need some smart modular solutions to get done. No matter which approach you choose, you are assured of a fabulous little closet.

Multi-colored walls and decor add to the brilliant appeal of this small eclectic closet that still captivates [From: California Closets NY]
Turn to a smaller eclectic closet when you do not have a room to spare for the walk-in closet [From: The Container Store]
Luxurious modern eclectic closet in white with an even layer of recessed lighting

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