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Modular Magic: Dynamic Store in Rio Reflects a Woman’s Journey of Self Discovery

A beautiful store that stands out from the crowd – something that is pretty hard to do in the city of Rio de Janeiro; and even more in the bohemian neighborhood of Botafogo. Self+ is one such exquisite and adaptable store that perfectly reflects the ethos of its brand while offering a unique take on design that reflects a woman’s journey of self discovery. Designed by Kube Arquitetura, the store grabs your attention with its casual chic style, extensive use of metallic meshes and wooden shelf stores that are modular and ever evolving. Add to it smart lighting and a healthy dose of greenery and you have a charming little store that wins you over.

Self+ store in Rio de Janeiro with a unique and adaptable design

Metal panels are beautifully intertwined with metal boards at every turn and one space leads to the next in an organic manner. The front section acts as a living area of sorts where customers can sit and share ideas and discover new products. Decorative elements also find space at every turn with an even layer of lighting illuminating every corner of the store. The façade of the store can change with a simple alteration of the shelves inside and it also gives the storefront a fresh new look every time.

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Gorgeous lighting and metallic mesh shape the living area of the store
Individual wooden pieces and modular shelves create a gorgeous bohemian store
Metal, wood and greenery shape the interior of the store
Smart shelving and greenery inside Self+ Store
Custom decor pieces and shelves inside Self+ Store
Custom decor pieces and shelves inside Self+ Store

Geometric painted patterns in the store and lovely artistic pieces and photographs enhance the curated persona of Self+ further. A store that is different in more ways than one! [Photography: João Magnus]

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Dashing design of Self+ Store sets it apart from others
Design plan of the modern Self+ Store in Brazil
Floor plan of Self+ Store in Rio
View of the Self+ store design
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