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Awesome Dogtrot House in Jackson Blends Modern Rustic Design with Beautiful Views

Love a home that combines two different worlds in a fluid and seamless fashion? The you are bound to admire the design and innovativeness that CLB Architects brought to the striking Dogtrot House in Jackson, Wyoming. This modern home with a classic silhouette borrows from the form of many dogtrot barn houses that have been a part of vernacular design in this neck of the woods for centuries. Yet, this contemporary reinterpretation sees two buildings with asymmetric gabled roof being linked with a sheltered walkway and entry that is much more than just an aesthetic feature. The entry keeps out severe cold in winter months and also offers necessary privacy.

Fabulous Dogtrot House in Jackson with a view of ranch lands, foothills and Glory Peak

The materials used to build this expansive home sitting on a large agricultural land at the foot of Glory Peak are easy to spot even from a distance. On the outside, the oxidized metal layer provides all-weather durability along with a patina that changes with time. Glass doors and windows connect the interior with the amazing views just outside while light larch wood brings the quintessential rustic appeal without going over the top in that direction. It is a delicate balance of elements that also keeps in mind functionality! [Photography: Matthew Millman / Audrey Hall]

Door swivels open to welcome guests gleefully at the Dogtrot House
Extended sections of the house and its dogtrot gabled form provides shaded walkways around the house
Larch wood brings a rustic visual element to the spacious modern interior
Wooden ceiling and concrete accent plan for the open plan living area of the gabled house in Jackson
Light, dark and wooden elements intertwined beautifully in the spacious kitchen
Sliding glass doors connect the interior of the house with the deck and majestic views outside
Wood coupled with modern finishes creates a balance between both the worlds

There, a large central cutout lightens the mass, creates a focal point and causes a dynamic play of light upon the correspondingly scaled planter below it. The roof of the main structure is asymmetrically gabled. This modern take on the barn lends energy and opens up the interiors toward the primary views. Although the house is one gabled form, protected outdoor spaces are carved out of the main volume and extended on either end…

Larch wood adds warmth and elegance to the modern rustic interior
Oxidized metal exterior of the house allows it to stand out visually with ease
Oxidized metal wood and glass shape the exterior of the asymmetrical Dogtrot House
Snow-covered landscape around the gorgeous and modern Dogtrot House in Jackson
View of the classic Dogtrot barn house in Jackson from a distance
Design plan of the Dogtrot House by CLG Architects

Sherry Nothingam

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