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12 Fabulous Valentine’s Day DIY Wreaths that Captivate

So, you are meandering through life once again and the highs of New Year and the Holiday Season are well in the past now? Well, post-holiday blues are all too common and even if you have spent much of January reminiscing about those wonderful times, life has a way of bringing you back to reality. But then we start looking ahead and suddenly there are just a couple of weeks left before the year’s most romantic day arrives! Valentine’s Day provides a welcome break from monotony this time of the year and offers another fine excuse to move decorate your home with a special, festive tinge.

Hanging flower heart DIY

One of the first things you tend to notice as a festive celebration nears is the lovely sight of wreaths greeting you at every door. Wreaths help dress up the exterior of your home, provide a cheerful welcoming sign for your guests and generally uplift the ambiance of the neighborhood. Valentine’s Day wreaths are no different and the influx of scarlet and red ensures they stand out visually. Easy, elegant and exquisite, here is a look at the best DIY Valentine’s Day wreaths around and how to make them –

A Heart and an Arrow!

Yup, Valentine’s Day is all about the big red heart, magic of cupid in the air and celebrating that amazing feeling of falling in love. Express all this and a whole lot more with a lovely wreath shaped like a heart and for good measure, throw in an arrow as well! The Hanging Flower Heart DIY is one of our favorites as it can be used as a wreath to enliven the front door or even as a lovely decorative piece inside your home even well beyond February 14th. It definitely does not look out of place and you will enjoy the freshness and colorful spunk of flowers.

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Hanging flower heart can also be used as a decorative addition throughout the year
Heart shaped Valentine’s Day wreath made from gorgeous pink tulips

Using fresh flowers always makes your Valentine’s Day wreath look extra special and you can turn to a wide range of flowers from pink tulips to scarlet roses. Of course, these wreaths might not stay all that fresh for long periods of time, but they usher in a completely different vibe when compared to wreaths made from artificial flowers. A sparkling wreath with cupid’s arrow or an easier and more stoic alternative with its own piercing arrow feel equally stylish and chic, in their own unique way.

Heart grapevine wreath DIY
Awesome Valentines’ Day wreath also incorporates a Cupid’s Arrow
Give the Valentine’s Day wreath a cupid’s arrow

Easy and Affordable DIY V-Day Wreaths

Of course, we all love a Valentine’s Day wreath that can be made on the cheap and in absolutely no time at all. The Heart willow Valentine’s Day wreath feels a bit different from every other wreath that graces front doors this time of the year. It is casual, rustic and yet comes with a tiny bit of modern flavor. The burlap wreath in red is another super-easy addition that should take no more than 30 minutes to craft while the easy DIY wreath with flowers is another affordable delight.

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Heart willow Valentine’s Day wreath
Valentine burlap wreath in brilliant red
Yarn wrapped hearts create a colorful and chic wreath

You can make an attractive wreath for as little as $5 and it makes a lasting visual impact. And if all else fails, then we suggest you bring out that box with Christmas ornaments that you tucked away just recently and turn them into a sparkling and merry Valentine’s Day wreath. Yes, when you are in love, the possibilities are endless!

Gorgeous DIY wreath with flowers made on the cheap
DIY Valentines Day wreath made for under $5
Turn those old Christmas ornaments into a glittering Valentine’s Day wreath
Colorful and glittering DIY Valentine’s Day wreath

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