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DIY Toy Boxes and Storage Chests for an Organized Kids’ Room

If there is one room that we absolutely fret while cleaning and organizing, it is the kids’ room. Leave it unattended for a while and you will be surprised at everything that you will discover in the closets, under the bed, on top of it and pretty much everywhere all around. It can get pretty crazy and pretty fast! There have been times when we have found lost items months, or even years, later stashed in some corner. Even on the frantic spring cleaning day, it is the messy kids’ room that slows us down the most. The only obvious solution is to make it more organized and provide storage options that help tuck away the mountain of toys and accessories.

DIY Toy Chest with seating

Buying storage solutions for kids’ rooms from top décor brands can be a real expensive affair. But with a hint of creativity, a dash of inspiration and some work, you can make your own versions of these masterpieces and even better them to suit your specific needs. Today, we focus on DIY toy chests and large boxes that bring space-savvy goodness to the kids’ room. Below you will find toy boxes with varied styles and even multi-tasking delights that are waiting to be discovered –

Not Just Boring Toy Chests!

We start with the most exciting and attractive toy chest designs and these go beyond the usual boxes used to stash away anything and everything in the kids room. A super-fun toy chest can give your kids extra incentive to keep their room organized and maybe, just maybe, you will not have to pick up everything off the floor each evening! DIY chalkboard boxes on wheels combine form and functionality beautifully and since they are mobile, you can easily move them around to collect all the stray stuff in the playroom as well.

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Easy to make DIY chalkboard toy boxes on wheels
DIY Chalkboard Toy Box on Wheels is a complete delight

The Lego toy box is another masterpiece that promises to become a part of your kids’ playtime and this is exactly the kind of toy chest that will encourage your little one to tidy up after the fun ends. Mobile, affordable and easy to craft, the DIY toy storage crate on wheels is another smart idea that proves how simple solutions can make your life a whole lot easier.

DIY Lego Toy Box idea
Toy storage crates DIY idea

Boxes with Lids

While open toy chests are fun, those with lids ensure that hiding the ton of mess is a much simpler task. A simple toy chest with a lid in the corner can also serve as an additional seating option in the room. Add an extra layer of comfort with a lid that is tufted and you have a wonderful adult seat in the playroom, which also stores all the toys! You can obviously pick any color and pattern for these homemade toy chests depending on the theme and style of the kids’ room. Custom monograms and colorful decals also help immensely.

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Homemade spacious toy chest
Modern DIY Toy Box with lid
Easy-to-craft DIY wooden toy box

Think Beyond the Closed Toy Chest

Not a fan of the giant toy chest? Maybe it just does not work in the small kids’ room that is already filled with loads of décor and accessories. Think vertical and opt for DIY wooden toy bins like the ones we discovered on The Merry Thought. These cool bins look great as bedside additions as well and take up very little square footage. A slim wooden toy storage unit with removable baskets is another clever idea that fits perfectly into the tiny kids’ room.

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Wooden DIY toy storage unit with baskets
Modern toy bins for those who prefer a more open storage option
Wooden homemade toy box

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