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10 Clever DIY Room Dividers that Delineate with a Difference!

The universal popularity of open plan living means homeowners are left searching for new and innovative ways to delineate space without relying on walls. It is both liberating and fun; often leading to unique spatial solutions that otherwise might never have seen daylight. Modern room dividers surely fall under this category with many combining a dash of playfulness and creativity with space-savvy form. It is a marriage of aesthetics and ergonomics that is different for different homes and while the store-bought dividers look lovely, DIY room dividers always come up trumps.

DIY geometric room divider

DIY room dividers give your decorating flexibility, are easy on your budget and give your home a distinct personality. They also provide an opportunity to recycle and reuse the old with all the necessary supplies sometimes hidden in your attic or basement! The best part is that you do not have to splurge on a room divider that is a temporary decorating option in an open living space that demands flexibility and embraces seasonal trends. Delve in and discover 10 nifty DIY room dividers at their diverse best –

For the Modern, Open Plan Interior

Modern room dividers come in a wide range of finishes and materials and crafting one on your own presents an even wider array of choices. The geo and wood room divider that we discovered on OhOh Blog is undoubtedly one of the best in this regard and is as good as any room divider that you can find in a store near you. It is simple, chic and definitely feels both modern and classic at the same time. The Green movable room divider is another cool idea much like the Hanging Room Divider that barely takes up any floor space.

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Making your own Hanging Room Divider
Modern DIY geo room divider

Casual and a touch bohemian, the Macrame room divider is a versatile piece that fits into any style you have going in the living room. It might take a little more skill to craft than the other ideas presented here, but working on it should also improve your crafting ability for future projects!

Green Moveable Room Dividers DIY Idea
Chic DIY Macrame room divider
Stylish Macrame DIY room divider

Try Out Different Materials

Give something different a shot this fall with a room divider that is eclectic and also a bit eccentric. You can always try out a cool idea that you pick up from your local restaurant or pizzeria and improvise to make sure it fits in your living space. One such idea is the sparkling divider crafted out of spoons that we came across inside the Mansarda restaurant in St. Petersburb. It is both quirky and classy and is a great way to divide the living space and the kitchen or dining area. The bamboo room partition is another classy and inspired addition that also stands the test of time.

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Decorative room divider using spoons
Room dividers crafted using spoons
Bamboo room partition idea is truly unique and eye-catching

A room partition using rope is great for coastal and nautical themed interiors and also works with shabby chic and rustic looks. This room divider also allows for free flow of light and allows you to keep an eye on the kids in the next room even while clearly delineating space.

Gorgeous and unique DIY room divider
Rope wall room divider DIY

Embracing Wood

A wood room divider is a touch different from the more polished pieces as it brings warmth and elegance to modern interiors. You can easily upcycle everything from old window shutters, wooden frame and barn doors to discarded pieces of to create a unique DIY room divider. They are much simpler to craft than you might imagine and if you have the time and skill, you can even build a divider that doubles as wardrobe or storage unit.

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Modern and stylish headboard room divider
DIY headboard room divider on wheels with build-in wardrobe
DIY decorative room divider with modern chic style
Recycled wood DIY room divider

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