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11 DIY Plant Stands for Greener and Cleaner Interiors

As the chill of winter starts to take over outside, we rush indoors for comfort and warmth. Winters can get pretty dreary at times and even with all the sparkle of festive string lights and lovely Christmas garlands, things can get pretty lifeless. This is where indoor plants come in handy. All that green you miss ever so dearly outside can thrive and flourish within the confines of your home if you simply turn to the freshness of indoor plants. Many of they are easy to maintain, demand little in terms of care and will easily survive even the toughest of winters (without plenty of natural light that is). But every great indoor plant needs an equally fab stand. And this is where we come in!

Stylish and urbane DIY ladder plant stand

DIY plant stands come in a wide range of forms, styles and finishes. There are those that are rustic and rough and then those that are modern and polished. Today, we turn our attention towards the latter with plant stands that feel exquisite, contemporary and blend into the most minimal of settings. They are as much about aesthetics as they are about functionality and look as good as any store-bought plant stand that you can think of. Here is a roundup of the trendiest DIY plant stands along with some cool inspiration of how to decorate with them –

Color and Pattern

We love any décor addition that brings home a bit of color, pattern and even a hint of finesse without actually altering the contemporary appeal of the interior. The two cool plant stands that you see below offer exactly that. The DIY painted geometric planter is easy enough to make, give you ample opportunity to get creative and you can rest assured that any space it adorns will never feel dull. You can even replace the darker and bolder colors with pastels for a more modern chic space.

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Homemade geo style painted planter

The second planter is the DIY concrete stool that can be used in a variety of ways. It is a versatile creating that will stand the test of time and weather even while allowing you to add some spunk and color to your home. Those who prefer a less flashy look can leave the concrete finish untouched, making it a great choice for industrial style interiors

Colorful and easy to make DIY Concrete Stool

DIY Minimal Plant Stands

The minimal plant stand is one that simply blends into the backdrop and allows the indoor plant to become the highlight of the show. As you can imagine, both color and pattern are scarce here with simplicity and efficiency playing the lead. A clear Lucite DIY plant stand fits the billing perfectly as its transparent body most definitely disappears into the background. The super-stylish and slim plant stands from Home Of My look simply stunning in their understated way while the wooden ball plant stand maintains a low profile. It is all about saying more with less here!

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Minimal DIY Plant Stand for the polished contemporary home
Exquisitely minimal DIY plant stand idea
Chic DIY Lucite Plant Stand
Wooden ball plant stand DIY

Multi-Level Plant Stands

How about a multi-level plant stand to replace that lonely potted plant in the corner? It sure feels far more vibrant and can hold everything from a beautiful herb garden to a few gorgeous flowering plants and those lovely succulents as well. A DIY multi-level plant stand takes a bit more time when compared to the simpler inspirations above. But for those adept at handling wood, it should be no problem at all. You can start by choosing the number of levels you want and the shape of the stand and once it is done, decorating it can take many different directions.

DIY ladder plant stand idea
Multi-level DIY plant stand idea for a small vertical garden indoors
DIY acacia wood plant stand

Tall Stand in the Corner

The tall plant stand in the corner is bit of a cliché that has stuck around seemingly forever now. If you want to recreate this with a homemade plant stand, then we have a few of those DIY ideas as well! With a tall wooden frame, the Midcentury modern plant stand has plenty of visual impact even as it silently occupies a corner of the living space or home office. The charming Skinny Planter brings metallic magic to the equation white the copper pipe and marble DIY plant stand can also serve you well as a slim side table when needed.

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Twin-level Midcentury inspired DIY plant stand
Skinny planter DIY idea
Modern copper pipe and marble DIY plant stand also doubles as side table

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