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Pallet Bed Frame Ideas: DIY Tips and Modern Designs for Your Bedroom

The modern rustic design trend has swept through the interior spaces of decor lovers everywhere. One easy way to achieve the look is with a wooden pallet bed or headboard. Sometimes referred to as a “skid,” pallet boards are the wooden planks underneath merchandise or cargo that can be lifted and moved by forklifts. Some clever DIY decorators have repurposed pallet boards to build seating, bed frames, day beds, and headboards that fit effortlessly into the rustic decor theme. Otherwise known as farmhouse chic, the style is admired for its natural feel and earth tones complemented by rough textures like rope and wood. Using elements from the rustic trend can make any space feel more like home with warm colors, cozy cottons, and wooden furniture. Whether you know someone who is handy with a skill saw, or you’re feeling up to the task yourself, you can build an affordable pallet bed that will bring the rustic theme to life in any bedroom space.

Of course, this project requires a bit of labor, patience, and skill if you choose to build the pallet at home. A bit of research will show that there are quite a few helpful resources on Youtube to make sure you build the project safely and properly. Another option to consider is purchasing one at the local hardware store to skip the slivers or buy a skid building kit directly from Lowes. We found our favorite pallet beds to get you inspired to create the perfect lounge spot somewhere in your home.

Modern Minimalist Pallet Beds

In some rooms, the pallet bed takes center stage in a minimalist decor scheme and acts as the focal point of the room. When accented minimally by using little to no wall decor and cleverly placed furniture, the pallet bed will remain the immediate point of focus in any space. Additionally, the wood can be painted or stained to specifically match your existing decor or furniture. The most popular choice remains the original wood grain, however, some decorators have proven that staining or painting the wood can elevate the design feature and help tie the space together. The spaces featured below are pallet beds that successfully manage to fit into the minimalist design trend, while still being statement pieces of furniture.

Modern minimalist decor chic pallet board bed frame white bedding
Minimalist bedroom with a pallet bed and accent chair. Image via PalletBeds on Etsy.
Pallet Bed Rustic Modern Minimalist Decor Plant Throw Pillows
A minimalist bedroom space with a double stacked pallet bed in a natural wood finish. Image via Farmfreshtherapy.com
Terra Cotta Bedding Minimalist White Pallet Bed DIY Frame Modern Decor Fur Rug
A whitewashed pallet board platform bed and terra cotta earth toned bedding completes this beautiful minimalist room. Image via Crafome on Pinterest.
Blue Coastal Chic Bedding Modern Feminine Pallet Bed Frame Wood Decor
A clean, coastal chic bedroom relies on a rustic wooden pallet platform as a bed frame and uses light blue linen bedding to complete the look. Image via WeHeartIt.com
Grey Wood Pallet Bed Minimalist Design Headboard Light
This clean custom pallet-inspired bed and headboard has open storage compartments below and a rustic grey stained headboard with a built in lighting fixture. Image via Ana-White.com

Chic Feminine Pallet Bed Ideas

Since the pallet bed can be built at home in the garage, it makes for a popular project among woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. People have a tendency to assume that it would be difficult to style this low-budget bed frame option in a feminine or modern chic design style. To prove the opposite is true, we rounded up the most dreamy bedroom spaces that are delicately feminine and have a pallet board bed frame. The best way to accomplish the effortlessly chic style of the pallet bedrooms below is to choose a bright color pallet, incorporate beautiful bedding, and style a funky rug. Adding themed wall art or a statement lighting option (like a small neon sign) are the final elements you need to tie together the prettiest relaxation spot in your home.

Chic Modern Floral Pallet Bed Frame Side Table Pink Geo Carpet Cat Art
This super chic bedroom has a floral bedspread and bright throw pillows that help soften the appearance of the large pallet bed. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.
Modern Feminine Chic Leopard Print Bedding Neon Sign Pallet Bed Frame Fur Carpet
An animal print bedspread, faux fur rug, and pink wall art help keep this pallet bed bedroom feminine and flirty. Image via Crafome on Pinterest.
Modern Chic Feminine Bedroom Pallet Bed Natural Brick Wall Neon Sign Decor Fur Carpet
This ultra chic bedroom has a whitewashed pallet bed underneath dreamy textured blankets, rugs, and pink tones. Image via Webstaqram on Pinterest.
A floral inspired boho chic bedroom has a large pallet bed frame centered in a light and airy industrial space. Image via ApartmentTherapy.com
A pink crushed velvet bedding set, faux fur rug, and tassel fringe throw pillows make this pallet board bed a trendy hideaway spot. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.

Pallet Beds in Rustic Rooms

As we mentioned in basically the first sentence of this article, the rustic decor trend is undoubtedly one of the easiest trends to style the pallet bed in. The earth tone colors and various textures of the rustic theme endlessly complement the natural wood material and country feel of the pallet boards. These pallet beds are often left in their natural wood grain with no stain, paint or significant sanding to change the look; they are best accented with rope materials, wooden furniture, and sandy earth tones. Textured rugs and patterned throw pillows are also great decor items to help achieve the rustic trend in your home. Check out some examples of pallet beds in rustic-themed rooms to get ideas on how to style them in your own home:

Modern Minimalist Boho Western Bedroom Decor Pallet Bed Feminine Cattle Art
Natural themed artwork, rope accents, and earth toned fringe pillows help accomplish a rustic theme in this room. Image via Crafome on Pinterest.
Terra cotta earth tones and wicker baskets compliment the natural worn wood of the pallet bed frame in this rustic-chic room. Image via Crafone on Pinterest.
Modern Country Rustic Chic Pallet Skid Bed Frame Closet Door Repurposed
Double stacked pallets made of particle board act as both storage and a rustic style bed frame in this country-boho room. Image via Crafome.com
Modern Chic White Wash Pallet Bed Frame Rustic Country Bedroom Macrame Plant Hanger
A whitewashed pallet board bed frame is a platform for the mattress and plant in this Western inspired room. Image via Crafome on Pinterest.
Modern Chic Rustic Pallet Bed Boho Bohemian Plant Decor
A cozy rustic country bedroom featuring a double platform pallet bed, antique chair, and natural jute rope baskets. Image via PalletBedsAdelaide on Facebook.

Pallet Beds Plus Trendy Neutral Decor

We’ve established that the pallet bed can be styled in a minimalist trend, a chic feminine bedroom, or a country-rustic-inspired home. The following spaces were designed with traditional masculine or neutral themes in mind, using grey and brown color pallets and fairly minimalist decor. The wood usually speaks for itself and is left in its natural rustic state or sometimes stained a light grey color. Check out these neutral spaces inspired by calm weather and earth tones with a central pallet bed feature:

Sandy earth tones and minimalist decor compliment the natural wood of a double platform pallet bed. Image via Crafome on Pinterest.
Muted grey colors and natural brick walls are accented by the wooden materials of the crate bed frame and light flooring. Image via Amazon.com
The crate style bedside table and pallet board bed frame add a rustic element to this modern bedroom, decorated with dark grey weather tones. Image via Amazon.com
Dark Black Navy Bedroom Mens Pallet Bed Frame Natural Light
A storm colored room is completed with a pallet day bed in its natural rustic wood. Image via Wattpad.com
Modern Apartment Bike Storage Wood Pallet Bed Frame Natural Exposed Brick Lantern Light
This modern industrial space has a low platform pallet bed in natural wood to add a casual rustic design element to the space. Image via Onekindesign.com

Evidently, the wooden pallet responsible for protecting and transporting cargo goods can function for a lot more than its original purpose. Recycling and repurposing wood pallets or skids to build modern functional furniture has gained popularity in recent years for its affordability and environmentally friendly benefits. Choosing to DIY or build one yourself is a low-budget option that is most often associated with the farmhouse decor trend. However, as you can see, there are many different pallet bed ideas that are trending right now to fit a range of design styles. Regardless of whether you have a modern, feminine or neutral decor preference, there is a place for a pallet platform in your home.

Kylene Loucks

I write for decoist.

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