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From Origami Lights to Fairies: DIY Lanterns to Light up your Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly and even if it is not fully here, getting ready for all that festivity and fun does mean you need to start early enough. There is the shopping, the decorating, the rush of getting things done at work just so that you can have a longer vacation and then the traffic. But you know all that hustle and bustle is worth it when the lights finally come on and you sense magic in the air! Without the bright lights, holidays simply feel incomplete. Having already shared with our readers the best DIY string lighting for the festive season, it is time to explore a different direction – the world of DIY lanterns.

Fairy Lanterns DIY idea

Lanterns might have found their origin in the serene Japanese homes and lavish palaces centuries ago, but they as much a part of modern day lighting across the world today as your typical pendants and chandeliers. In fact, many contemporary pendants designs draw their inspiration from the classic paper lantern and its enchanting form. From accommodating those series of string lights to setting the mood of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner of Christmas party in the backyard, these magical lights do it all. Time to tap into your crafting skills as you create gorgeous homemade lanterns!

Magic of Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are easy enough to craft and yet give any space they adorn an impressive visual appeal. As always, you have a variety of choices here with those in white feeling far more contemporary than ones draped in bright colors. The Colorful Party Lanterns from Brit+Co are super-easy to craft as they use already white lanterns and watercolors to bring sparkle and color to the interior. Not only do they look great above the Holiday dinner table, but can be used on a wide variety of occasions or even in the vivacious kids’ room or playroom.

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Homemade paper lantern idea

Homemade paper lanterns from Oh Happy Day are even simpler to create and take both little time and effort. They can be used as simple, standalone decorative pieces or even as lovely lighting fixture by simply adding a bulb to the mix. They feel more oriental and casual than most other lanterns, giving the interior or the rear garden a whimsical charm.

Decorating with multi-colored party lanterns
DIY Colorful party lanterns
DIY Glowing Photo Spheres

Bold and Colorful

DIY Paper Lanterns from Serendipity Soiree are one of our absolute favorites when it comes to gorgeous lantern designs. They seem ornate, yet understated and fit into a wide variety of styles and themes. If you feel that they are a touch too ‘cute’ then try out the elegant Illuminated Yarn Lanterns, which feel a bit more airy. Add a pendant lamp kit to it all and you get multiple pendant-styled lanterns in different hues. Hot air balloon motifs are currently a popular choice in the kids’ rooms and you can draw inspiration from these lively patterns to create a Hot air balloon-styled lantern.

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Hot air balloon party decorations also make cool lanterns!
Multi-colored DIY Yarn Lanterns
Gorgeous DIY paper lantern bring color to the dining space

Series of Lovely Lights

Combing a series of string lights or even multiple individual lights to create a collection of lanterns is undoubtedly the best way to illuminate the porch, rear garden, front yard or even contemporary deck this festive season. It feels relaxing, magical, inviting and even romantic! Who needs an expensive vacation when a stunning staycation is just a few steps away from your living room. Paper Cube String Lights feel modern, understated and classy while DIY firefly glass lanterns are more suited for the dreamy, romantic setting. Whether it is the Origami lanterns or just simple paper lanterns hung from the branches of a tree, you can rest assured that the atmosphere would be undoubtedly merry.

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Paper cube string lights idea
DIY origami paper lanterns
Fabulous DIY lanterns for the outdoors can be used pretty much anywhere

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