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A Decadent Halloween Centerpiece Idea

With Halloween less than three weeks away, it’s time to start decorating! Today’s centerpiece idea is as decadent as it is easy to create. Whether you’re hosting a party or you’re looking for a fun way to add festivity to your dining table, round up a few key elements and serve up some delicious snacks. More is more when it comes to the Halloween centerpiece below. Keep reading for a quick tutorial, as well as a simple recipe for a foodie treat…

Halloween centerpiece idea

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Centerpiece Style

Pumpkins in peach and white

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own decadent Halloween centerpiece:

  • pumpkins of various sizes
  • a candelabra
  • taper candles
  • an urn or compote
  • grapes (opt for faux, or you can use real grapes if you’ll be eating them shortly)

Grapes in a marble compote

We used a combination of peach and white pumpkins in our centerpiece. The peach tone of our “pink” pumpkin was a lovely complement to the burgundy hues in the taper candles and food. If you don’t have a candelabra on hand, you can often find bargains at second-hand stores. The candelabra below was a whopping 99 cents at Goodwill. Yes, 99 cents! Thrift stores are also great places to shop for urns and compotes. Our marble piece was an antique mall find. Just make sure your container is a food-safe one if you’re using it to serve fresh grapes.

To create your centerpiece, have fun playing with different arrangements until you have a balanced grouping of produce and candles. Make sure you keep the open flames away from loose fabric and other potential fire hazards. Many of today’s tapers are made to minimize dripping, but always use caution around melting wax.

Halloween snack

Halloween Party Food

Halloween appetizer

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Add elegance to your Halloween gathering with a beautifully prepared snack! Here’s what you’ll need to make these crackers with goat cheese and pomegranate seeds:

  • the crackers of your choice
  • goat cheese
  • pomegranate seeds (either fresh or packaged)
  • honey
  • sea salt
  • black pepper

Goat cheese crackers with pomegranate and honey

To prepare the snack, simply spread goat cheese over crackers and top them with pomegranate seeds (arils). You can purchase packaged arils or extract them from a freshly cut pomegranate. Sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper over the crackers, then drizzle with honey. Serve and enjoy! The tart pomegranate seeds are fun to eat, and they add flavor and texture to this snack. The honey serves as the perfect dose of sweetness, while the sea salt keeps everything in check. Bon appetit!

Marble urn of grapes

Don’t you love it when you can eat your centerpiece?! Grapes easily double as decor, so make the most of them at your Halloween gathering. Red grapes are particularly festive when it comes to the Halloween palette featured in today’s post. And whatever color you choose for your large pumpkin, don’t forget to add variety with small selections. Little white pumpkins are always a favorite:

Pumpkins and pomegranate seeds

An easy Halloween party beverage: red wine! The rich, dark hue borders on spooky, adding colorful depth to your Halloween table.

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Red wine and pumpkins for a Halloween tablescape

Enjoy putting it all together, and remember: the look and feel is decadent. We at Decoist wish you and yours a spook-tacular Halloween!…

Halloween centerpiece

*Styling and photos by Kate Simmons

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