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Modern DIY Firewood Racks: Stay Warm in Style

It’s no question why you need a firewood rack. Firewood is cheaper when bought in bulk so it’s only expected that you stock up on them. While this might get you excited, storing them is one important factor to consider. You can’t simply keep them indoors as they might bring in insects and make the whole place a sore sight.

Outdoors is a much better consideration but you must learn to protect them from the elements of nature. You mustn’t let the rain pour on them or leave them damp. It will spoil the woods and make them useless for burning. Firewood racks are the answer. There are several designs available and they can be made at home. If you’re ready to have a DIY firewood rack, read on to check out your options.

Firewood Cart

A cart is a great idea for use as a firewood rack. It can either be made out of metal or wood but whichever it is, the wheels on it have to be sturdy and durable. Firewood is after all not lightweight. The amount of extra firewood you usually buy will determine how large your firewood cart should be. It’s a great way for storing wood because it keeps it off the floor, away from dampness, and it makes it easy to transfer firewood to your fireplace. You can easily wheel it to a point closest to your door. You do have to put the cart in a covered area to prevent it from rainwater. Aside from this, it’s perfect for storing your firewood.

Firewood Cart
Metal Firewood Cart


Wooden Storage Shed

A wooden shed as a firewood rack solves the problem of keeping the logs of wood out of the rain. It requires space in your yard and quite the knowledge of building. There are different designs available for you to pick from and the size is based on the amount of firewood you will keep, the space you have, and the materials you have available. You can always employ the help of a friend or acquaintance who knows a thing or two about building so it is easier to figure out. Asides from its function, it can have a great and fancy look in your backyard.

Wooden Storage Shed
Wooden Storage Shed for Firewood
Pinterest/Matt Ferguson


Support Frame on Cinder Blocks

This is the easiest DIY firewood rack to pull off. It requires some logs and cinder blocks to set up. The logs are used as the support frame while the cinder blocks are used as a base. The longer the logs to be placed almost diagonally, the more firewood you can keep. You will have to find some other way to keep it out of the rain but it allows for good air circulation which is great for keeping your firewood in good condition.

Support Frame on Cinder Blocks
Pinterest/Agusto Home Design
Wooden Support Frame on Cider Blocks
Pinterest/Scott Taylor


Under the Backyard Fire Pit Bench

If you have a backyard fire pit, the best firewood rack idea to consider is keeping it under the backyard benches. This allows for easy access as there’s no need to walk to another location to get wood to make a fire. Keeping them under the benches also saves you time, space, and any stress of building a structure from scratch. The bench must not be built on bare ground else the firewood will absorb moisture. The bench can be built on brick or concrete.

Under the Backyard Bench
Under the Backyard Patio Bench


Round Storage Rack

Metal window wells are upcycled to make this storage rack. They are usually galvanized so even if they are old, they usually don’t look rusted. They are not large enough to hold a lot of firewood but they can hold a week’s worth depending on how much you light up your fireplace. To increase capacity, you can combine two and use them to make a full circle.

Round Storage Rack
Round Storage Rack for Firewood and Kindling


Pallet Firewood Rack

Pallets are easy to come by and even if you have to cut them, they are quite inexpensive. They are versatile and not only meant to be used for transport. They can be used to build a firewood rack. They can be sometimes preferred to wooden structures because of their low cost and how much ventilation they allow. Good ventilation means the firewood is always kept from being damp. Pallets can be used to build different kinds of storage structures including sheds, carts, and simple racks. You will need a little bit of knowledge about building to pull this off.

Pallet Firewood Rack
Pallet Rack for Firewood


2-in-1 Counter Firewood Rack

Everyone needs a counter on the patio or in the backyard generally. It can be for several uses; hanging out in the open air, placing decor pieces, and eating lunch or dinner. Since you’ll need one anyway, it makes financial sense to make the firewood rack in a way that doesn’t cost more money. The space underneath the counter can be used to store the firewood. Due to the elements of nature, it is better to put the counter under a shade where it is protected than out in the open. For aesthetic purposes, it is advised to make sure the counter is also made of wood.

2-in-1 Counter Firewood Rack
Firewood Rack and Counter
Pinterest/Darlene Lindgren-Maudal


Corrugated Metal Firewood Rack

Whenever an item is both functional and aesthetic, it should get you excited. A corrugated metal rack means you should have no worries about it getting rusted. You also don’t have to keep it in its metallic grey color. You can have the color changed using metal primer and metal paint. When designing your rack, make sure it has a roof to prevent the firewood from exposure to water. This is a great option if you’re not into wooden structures.

Corrugated Metal Firewood Rack
Corugated metal firewood rack


Buying firewood is not the problem, keeping it in great condition so it remains useful is. Before you buy in bulk, make sure you already gave plans for where to store them. With this list, you’ve run out of excuses as to why you don’t have a DIY firewood rack. Take your pick out of the many on the list and have fun building it!

Emmanuel Ojodun
I write for decoist.

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