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DIY Breakfast and Serving Trays to Bring More Comfort into Your Life

We always tend to emphasize on the fact that it is the little joys of life that end up making a big difference. You might overlook them, feel that they are far too trivial and in the rush of daily life, they get lost all too quickly. But it feels nice when we can pause things a little and take in these little delights. Breakfast in bed is undoubtedly one of these ‘tiny joys’ we all adore and it need not be limited to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day alone. And making it more of a reality and a far more regular affair are DIY breakfast and serving trays!

DIY breakfast tray and serving tray ideas

That is right; making one on your own makes the special gesture even more magical. As always, it shows that you care to go the extra mile. And if you do love crafting, then its saves money even while allowing you to showcase your crafting skills. Yup, the advantages are numerous and the effort is surprisingly little! So, why not delve into the fabulous collection of breakfast trays and serving trays that we have lined up for your today and get started on making that amazing weekend much more memorable –

Waking Up to Breakfast in Bed

The rule might be to save the best for the last, but we do not wish to keep you waiting that long! Combining form and functionality together in stylish fashion and with a hint of mid-century flair is the gorgeous hairpin leg breakfast tray. Its round body and delicate legs give it a classic and trendy visual appeal. The Folding lap desk and breakfast tray, as it name suggests, is useful in more than one way while the multi-functional wooden breakfast tray also serves as an understated plant stand when needed. If you like a breakfast tray that is even more classic, DIY Faux Bois Breakfast Tray is a design that you simply cannot ignore.

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Exquisite hairpin leg breakfast tray
Folding lap desk and breakfast tray DIY
Multi-functional wooden breakfast tray can also be used as a plant stand
DIY Faux Bois Breakfast Tray

A Beautiful Serving Tray

Serving trays can also be used as breakfast trays at times and even otherwise, they come in pretty handy on most occasions. DIY wood slice serving tray with a touch of chalkboard feels cozy and rustic while trendy and easy wooden serving trays with handles some in handy when you are having a small tea party on Sunday afternoon. The DIY fabric resin serving tray brings much more color and class to the serving tray world and does so with understated ease.

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DIY wood slice serving tray is a great gift
Trendy and easy wooden serving trays
DIY fabric resin serving tray

Finding a Compromise

A simple compromise between the breakfast tray design and the serving tray design allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A wooden board along with a couple of handles makes for a great serving tray that also doubles as a breakfast tray when coupled with a small stand. These wooden trays are easy to craft and you can also use them as a laptop stand and a reading stand as you tuck in each night. As we said earlier, it is all about making things easier for you.

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Gorgeous and easy DIY wooden breakfast and serving tray
Simple and minimal Breakfast Tray
DIY stained wood tray

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