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Fitting in with Every Style: Gorgeous Dining Rooms with Stone Walls

The last few seasons have seen homeowners veer towards design and decorating ideas that embrace more natural textures and create an organic vibe indoors. By all accounts, this is a trend that will continue to hold sway in 2016, and stone walls offer a unique timeless way to jump in on this bandwagon. Of course, not all of us have a stone wall at our home waiting to be unearthed and showcased in the most elegant fashion. If a natural stone wall seems like too much change, then stone veneer is a less demanding alternative that is easy to incorporate into a contemporary space.

While we have already featured some amazing bedrooms and bathrooms with stone walls, today it is the turn of the exquisite dining room. Whether you have a dedicated dining room or a small dining area, a stone wall backdrop will give it an air of exclusivity. And as the 15 diverse inspirations below showcase, the stone wall works surprisingly well with almost any style and hue.

A Modern Ambiance

Contemporary dining rooms might seem like odd places to showcase the textural beauty of a natural stone wall. But the truth is exactly the opposite, as the polished surroundings turn the stone wall into a captivating focal point that brings contrast and a hint of rustic charm. The stone wall adds coziness to minimal and modern dining rooms where artificiality and curated finishes hold sway, and this clever infusion of a more ‘organic surface’ completely alters the look of the room, even while leaving its modern vibe untouched. Lighting, décor and accessories can accentuate this fusion by bringing another style like Spanish Colonial or farmhouse into a predominantly modern space.

A fusion of modern minimalism and the natural beauty of a stone wall [From: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography]
Classy contemporary dining room with stone fireplace [Design: Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen]
Contemporary dining room with rustic stone walls [Design: Slifer Designs]
Formal dining room with Spanish Colonial style [Design: Charmean Neithart Interiors]
Caboche chandelier steals the show in this dining room [Design: Michael Abraham Architecture]

Styling and Lighting

Lighting can make or break the look of an accent stone wall in the dining room, and it often plays the biggest role in defining the specific style of the room. Sconce and candle lights that sit in small alcoves carved into the stone wall shape a dramatic and dreamy backdrop that turns a mundane dining room into a stunning masterpiece. Those looking for more modern alternatives can turn to strip LED lights, and a skylight above the stone wall gets the job done during the daytime. Add some lovely pendants or a dazzling chandelier above the dining table to complete that perfect dining room!

Candles highlight the beauty of the stone wall in the dining room [Design: Charlie & Co. Design]
Fabulous eclectic dining room with distressed wood and stone wall [Design: Woodford Architecture and Interiors]
Farmhouse style dining room with wooden beams, stone walls and ingenious lighting [Design: JDA Design Architects]
Midcentury dining room has a cheerful, modern ambiance [Photography: Matthew Niemann]
Log cabin dining room crafted from stone and reused materials [Design: Teton Heritage Builders]

Breaking the Decorating Shackles!

Stacked stone, stone veneer or even a natural stone wall in the modern dining room is a great choice, but why not try out a more exotic theme or enchanting style that benefits from the presence of the stone wall? As you might have already observed, every one of the 15 dining rooms featured today has a slightly different style ranging from minimal and industrial to Mediterranean, farmhouse, cottage and mid-century. This shows that working with a stone wall in the dining room actually liberates you from mundane monotony and is anything but a hindrance! Use this to your advantage and switch easily between styles with changing trends.

Mediterranean dining room offer a perfect setting to showcase the beauty of stone walls [Design: Jenkins Custom Homes]
Rustic dining room with gorgeous stone walls and classy rug [Design: Locati Architects]
Stone wall and antler lighting for the rustic dining room [Design: Rick O’Donnell Architect]
Beach style dining room with accent stone wall and colorful chairs [Design: Camellia Interiors]
Stone wall dining room with cozy cottage charm [Design: Kelly and Co. Design]

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