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Craft Your Style: Decoupage and Decorate with Custom Wallpaper

We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to cover those walls beautifully, and that could range from something as simple as paint to innovative decals and custom, hand-painted murals. But there is always a great satisfaction in finding a DIY solution that lets you express yourself and give your home a sense of uniqueness while cutting down on the costs of decorating substantially. Stitching together your own wallpaper or wallcovering is one such alternative that can turn the old, the discarded and the unused into a fabulous backdrop that is truly exceptional.

To decoupage and create your own version of a captivating wallpaper is not as hard as it seems, and sometimes you just need to look around your home and everything you need is right there! Of course, we are here to help you along, as the 15 creative inspirations on display today should offer plenty in terms of inspiration –

Flipping Through Inspiration

Turning to books is a popular way of decorating in more ways than one, but this is a wallpaper idea that goes way beyond the ordinary. Just pick out a book you absolutely love, find to be a great inspiration, or that brings back some nostalgic memories, and use its pages to craft awesome wallpaper that is both one-of-a-kind and personal. Of course, being a book-lover myself, I would never suggest you rip your cherished book to shreds, so buy a cheaper, used copy of it to get the job done! If that does not work for you, then simply use a couple of dusty old books in the attic that you would never need.

Stapler, grasscloth backdrop and loads of pages from old books get the job done here [From: Camille Dickson / Sarah Greenman]
Give the old a new lease on life inside your home with upcycled décor [Photography: Valerie Wilcox]

There are different ways of getting this done, and a simple grasscloth backdrop, a bundle of pages and a stapler can also get the job done. Others might turn to wallpaper paste and a roller for a more curated appearance and finish. The book that you choose, its print and style will define the final result, so try out different versions before settling on a final arrangement.

Comic pages turned into custom wallpaper for the kids’ room [Design: Inspired Interiors]
Fill your home office with some amazing inspiration [Design: Brian Patrick Flynn / Décor Demon]

A Colorful Collage

The modern movement of reusing discarded items and giving them a new purpose means many of us are always looking for ways to turn junk into decorating genius! Well, if you have scraps of wallpaper left over from redecorating the old bedroom or living room, then why not bring all those snippets together to craft a brilliant montage?! This is easy to execute, gives the room a colorful, eclectic look, and you have a bold focal point that never fails to amaze. Just make sure though that the colors are not too bright and the pattern too gaudy on these individual wallpaper snippets.

Patches of vintage wallpaper used to style a shabby chic closet [From: Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things]
Wallpaper samples stitched together to fashion a unique backdrop in the bedroom [From: Mirjam Vetter / Louise de Miranda]
A patchwork of different wallpapers adds color to the kids’ bathroom [Design: Mi-Kin Creations]
Closer look at the colorful blend of various wallpapers in different hues

An Adventurous Makeover

Decorating with map wallpaper is nothing new, and maps have been around as both educative and decorative pieces for centuries. But turning those old maps into wallpaper does require some care, as they could easily be damaged during the process. The colors of blue and green that maps bring work well in kids’ rooms, home offices and even in a few eclectic powder rooms. Those seeking a completely different look can try out vintage maps or even nautical maps to alter the color scheme of the room.

Turn those old maps into gorgeous custom wallpaper [Design: Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors]
Old maps turned into colorful wallpaper for the eclectic bathroom [From: Angela Flournoy]

Picture-Perfect Walls

Maybe maps are not your thing? Then consider a wall filled with your favorite holiday pictures and most cherished moments shining through in black and white. Again, a wallcovering filled with personal or family photos does not appeal to everyone, and if that is the case, then a few pictures of your favorite celebs could do the trick. A collage of old album covers or posters can also add plenty of color to the contemporary interior.

Decoupage black and white photos for monochromatic wallpaper [Design: Groop Dizin / Miranda Clark Photography]
Old album covers turned into captivating custom wallpaper inside the small bathroom [From: Sarah Greenman]
Black and white magazine photos create a stunning accent wall inside the contemporary guest room [Design: Stephane Chamard]

Some Expert Help

Crafting DIY wallpaper definitely is not a taxing task, and it often takes few hours and little effort to get one done. But those who simply do not wish to get their hands dirty or want a more refined, professional result can always turn to a local artist for a custom decoupage. Buying wallpaper that mimics the visual appeal of a DIY creation is another smart choice. But we strongly suggest you give it a good go before you turn to these options.

Wallpaper plays up the charm of aged newspapers inside this elegant home office [Design: ILevel]
Decoupage done by local artisan offers great inspiration for those who want DIY wallpaper! [Design: Kathryn Long]
Hand painted wall paper by Lucy Jensen steals the show in this bathroom [Design: Cynthia Bennett & Associates]

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