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DIY Redecorating: How to Make the Bedroom More Appealing

A wise man once stated that things end they way they began.

Day in and day out we experience that first hand. We begin our day rising from our non-Tempurpedic beds and stretch lethargically as we make our way to our cantankerous closet doors wondering, “Will they work today?” From a pile of decorative throw pillows on the floor to a vase of wilted flowers, this is our domain.

This is one of the fewest places on earth we can truly be ourselves. Our bedroom is our solace from prying eyes and perfect expectations. We can wear our ratty 1980’s pajamas in here, or none at all if it tickles our fancy. And all the day long as we commute from point A to point B, teleconference with Japan or just make a quick trip to the local grocery store, we relish the moment we can end things the way they began: in the bedroom and in the comfort of our own space.

But sometimes that domain; that glorified space of ours gets off kilter and we lose our focus even in this sacred place. Under our bed, jammed between closet shelves, we ask ourselves when did our bedroom turn into a storage hovel? Mismatched shoes, old jeans, and magazines we never subscribed to accumulate to stuff that takes away from the relaxation of a bedroom.

I’ve moved over the years more times than I would care to disclose, but have through bad choices and many experiences perfected the art of turning a bland room into a bed room. Sometimes we come across a room and have to wonder, “is this a room with a bed in it, or a bed with a room around it?” In situations like that there is no focus other than the bed. But there are so many other elements that contribute to the end result of bedroom and so many functions to a room that suits our desires and needs.

Allow me to present you with the ABC’s of beginning a beautiful bedroom.

Bedroom DIY Redecorating

A: Arrangement. Cockeyed, catty-cornered, hanging or leaning, where you arrange your possessions can either break or make the most key components. One thing you do not want is a bedroom resembling a maze of mismatching furniture randomly placed where there is space and just begs for you to stub your toe on. I remember many years ago as a child constructing my room to adapt the style of a grocery market. I placed my bed and desk in such a way I had designed my own private cash register portal. Never mind my having to climb over the bed to reach this portal. I thought I was in heaven. It didn’t take long, 24 hours to be precise, to realize that a bedroom should never take on the character traits of a grocery checkout isle!

B: Belongings. You are lying in bed yet everything is out of reach-your remote, your books your extra blanket. Space your special belongings where they will serve purpose the most and find unique ways to repurpose what you already have into practical yet astounding storage units. Another thing your room should not resemble is a yard sale. Sometimes we have so much kitschy knick-knacks serving no purpose other than to collect dust. Make your belongings work for you rather than against you by way of clutter. Don’t have a bookshelf? Then stack a pile of books here and there making your room look like an ancient library inspired room. Placement is everything when it comes to your belongings!

C: Color. It’s hard to relax in a room whose color gives you migraines. Pick colors of the same color shade and temperature family (i.e: cold, warm, etc..) and for accent colors use colors that will entice and calm rather than give you a caffeine high. Sometimes you can use texture as contrast. The same color in ten different textures has an astounding effect on the human eye! Also choose your accent wall wisely. The purpose of your accent wall is to accentuate the other walls. Sometimes the subtle route speaks more boldly and leaves a longer lasting and positive impression. While you and I have never met I sincerely doubt you want your walls to send out a negative depressive vibe, right?

With these A B C’s in mind it’s time to redecorate. Notice I said redecorate and not shop? With the simple tools I’ve laid out you can take your ordinary furniture and belongings now and turn them into a fabulous retreat with just the right touch.

Have fun and enjoy ending your day where it began!

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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