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Inspiring Neutrals: How to Decorate with Taupe Colors

The color taupe is a popular choice for walls because of its ability to blend with a wide range of hues. But even the word taupe gets a bad rap.

In reality, it is the perfect color trend. Is it grayish brown or brownish gray? The unique tone allows it to showcase components of both colors. There are warm and cool taupes, light and dark taupes.

Decorating with this neutral is easy and fun, making it a soothing choice for spaces from the bedroom to the powder room. Today we highlight a range of ways to decorate with the taupe hues. Keep reading for a collection of inspiring design photos and ideas…

[photo from Natalie Howe Design via Houzz]

Taupe color bedroom by Natalie Howe Design

Taupe Color Meets Gray

Taupe and gray are two peas in a pod! Including gray in a the neutral room will create a cool, modern feel, so don’t hesitate to display these colors side by side! [from Red Cover via Lonny]

Taupe meets gray on a fireplace mantel

Gray artwork on a neutral wall creates a cool contrast in the chic room below. The gray of the art is mirrored on both floor and furniture.[from Lonny]

Taupe and gray in a modern living room

You can also opt for a gray shade of taupe to create a sleek look. Mirrors and metal accents are especially fetching in cool-toned rooms. [from Homedit]

Taupe is accented with bright white features in this modern bathroom

Gray bedding adds an elegant feel to this bedroom. Bonus points for textural details such as raised patterns and a tufted headboard! [from Pottery Barn]

Taupe and gray in a cozy bedroom

The trim in the tiled bathroom below makes it hard to tell where grey ends and taupe begins. Which is exactly why we love this space! [from Lonny]

Warm neutrals in a sleek bathroom

Warm Wooden Tones Accept Taupe Colors

When a neutral such as this is combined with the warmth of wood, the entire room seems to glow. Try combining taupe walls with wooden shelving and furniture, as shown in this next featured powder room’s interior design [from My Artistic Tile]

Dark tan bathroom filled with warm tones

Also note that blonde wood can beautifully offset cool-toned walls, creating an interesting contrast. [from Design Ideas]

Modern bathroom with neutral shades

Dark wooden floors add richness to the bedroom below. The effect is cooling, especially since grey bedding is also on display in this relaxing space. [from Cardea Building Co.]

Neutral bedroom with dark wooden floors

Even one wooden accent can make a big difference in a taupe room. The vanity in the next featured bathroom provides a perfect accent color. Note how layers add a contemporary feel! [from Tiles for Architects]

Contemporary bathroom in neutral colors

A dark wooden table adds depth to this dining room filled with beige tones. The effect is sophisticated, as well as warm. [from Lonny]

Warm dining room with brown and gray chairs

Taupe Color meets Bright Whites

Crisp white beautifully offsets the neutral quality of taupe, providing contrast while still allowing it to shine. Try taupe bedding in a white bedroom for a refreshing yet warm feel. [from Lonny]

Neutral bedding offsets white walls

White trim is equally fetching, providing tidy pops of brightness that anchor and accent the room. [from MDSX Contractors Ltd via Houzz]

White moulding with taupe curtains in living room

White cabinetry in the kitchen or powder room will perfectly offset your neutral walls. Note how dashes of white keep the damask wallpaper below from feeling too ornate.[from HGTV.com]

Patterned neutral wallpaper in a modern eclectic bathroom

Try white or cream bedding in a dark taupe bedroom for a light touch. Add shaggy textures and sheer white curtains for a comfy yet ethereal feel. [from Pottery Barn]

Natural light floods in and accents this comfy bedroom

Just as white brightens and refreshes, black adds contrast and drama. Peppering white home decor accents with black in a taupe color room will help define the space. [from Zack de Vito]

Black and white artwork in a living room

Rosy Accents To Emphasize Taupe Colors

We end today’s post with a few ideas on how to mix eye-catching colors with a neutral backdrop. Pink is a natural fit, as shown by the rosy curtains and flowers in this next featured living room. [from Lucy Call]

Living room with pink accents

The space below showcases walls covered in Temperate Taupe paint from Sherwin Williams. Both the walls and the sofa seem to border on eggplant, proving that shades of rosy violet pair beautifully. [via Houzz]

Multiple shades in an elegant living room

You can even go bolder and brighter! Red adds energy to a laid-back taupe space. Let taupe set the stage for vibrant accents. [from Michael Abrams]

Crisp, clean neutrals meet red in a modern bedroom

And because the taupe color is neutral, it blends well with a variety of colors, from blues and greens to oranges and corals. [from Symmetry Home Staging and Design via Houzz]

Pops of red in a taupe sitting room

We hope today’s post has proven that while taupe is a grounding color, the sky is the limit when it comes to featuring it in your home. You might just love taupe after all!

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