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Colors to Pair with Blue: 30 Best Ideas and Inspirations that Lead the Way!

If there is one color that is made for every season, every time period and pretty much every style, then it is undoubtedly BLUE! There is no other color that is as eternally popular as this diverse hue. Its many shades can be combined with a variety of other colors with ease. And you will never have to worry about blue being a trendy choice – it simply never drops down the otherwise unpredictable trends chart! But what colors work best with blue? It is a question many of us ponder over while decorating and redecorating our homes. Today we share with you our top picks.

Contemporary kids’ room in white and orange [From: Style Precinct]

The best colors to pair with blue depend both on the shade of blue that you have picked and the style you are shooting for. But there are a few delightful combinations that never fail. From the simple and easy-to-work-with white to something refreshing and a dash bold like orange, this is a treat for those who love to experiment with blue –

Blue and Gray – Simply Cool!

For those who prefer a hint of sophistication and urbane elegance to be combined with the beauty of blue, gray is the perfect color indeed. It is a hot and trendy color that has been taking the decorating world by storm for the past few years. It has largely replaced gray in many spaces, but can be used as the accent color when coupled with blue in a light tone. It is a relaxing duo that works best in bedrooms and kitchens and spaces that require a sense of serenity.

Bed frame brings gray to the bedroom in blue
Dashing mint blue coupled with gray and white bedding in the modern bedroom
Gray and blue bedding for the modern rustic bedroom
Traditional kitchen with grayish blue cabinets and marble countertops [From: The Hammer and Nail]
Tropical style bedroom in blue and gray
Beautifully lit bedroom in gray with blue accents

Adding Panache – Orange Brightness

Orange and blue might look and feel like a strange combination on the face of it. But it moves away from the mundane and gives your home that additional, refreshing vibe. When combining blue with orange it is best to stick to styles that are contemporary, eclectic or even a dash eccentric. This allows you to combine a light shade of blue with darker and matter version of orange, bringing out the best in both colors. A touch risky, sure but stunning – absolutely!

Light blue coastal themed nursery with striped ceiling
Modern kitchen with blue and orange cabinets [From: GRO Architects]
Modern nursery in blue and orange
Traditional kids’ room with splashes of blue and orange [From: James McCoy Carpentry]
Exquisite bedroom in dark blue and orange

Timeless and Trendy: White and Blue

Not much needs to be said about the combination of blue and white. It is timeless, simple, elegant and works with any style that you wish to create. Of course, if you want a beach style, coastal or modern interior with a chic, calming ambiance, then this is a combination that always wins out. Blue, white and a third color like coral accentuates this smart and comforting appeal further.

Beach style bedroom in blue and white [From: Cebula Design]
Bright blue couch for the white modern living room
Nautical bedroom in navy blue and white
Serene teen bedroom in white and blue
A touch of coral and pink for the white and blue bedroom [From: TMH designs]
Bahamas blue and white bedroom is a showstopper

Brightness Galore – Blue and Yellow

We love a dash of yellow in every room. It works even better in homes where one uses blue in its lighter tones and with a matte finish. Yellow brings brightness when used in moderation and you can create a combination of yellow and blue by using both the colors equally. Yellow is a great color in traditional homes, Mediterranean spaces and rooms with transitional flair.

Eclectic living room in blue, yellow and white[From: Kathy Morgan ]
Farmhouse style kitchen in yellow and blue
Gorgeous blue and yellow kids’ room with twin beds
Carefully placed pops of yellow in a bright blue room [From: Carpet One Floor & Home– La Grande & Enterprise]
Contemporary living room in blue with pops of yellow [From: Photovisions]
Modern Mediterranean bathroom in yellow and blue with plenty of pattern

A Touch of Femininity – Pink Blush

Pink and blue is a rare combination indeed. It combines the usually associated masculinity of blue with femininity of pink to offer a balance that is truly special. This is a duo that looks as good in the adult bedroom as it does in kids’ rooms shared by a boy and girl. It is blue that is the neutral color in most of these rooms with pink providing the accent punch. But reversing this with navy blue and pastel pink is also a fun color palette to try out.

Delightful contemporary bathroom in pink with hexagonal tiles and blue accents
Even ceiling brings blue beauty to the living space [From: Jeri Koegel Photography]
Rug brings pink to the kids’ room in blue
Smart kids’ room in blue with hints of bright pink [From: J Korsbon Designs]
Awesome nursery in blue, white and pink [From: Moondrop Interiors]
Classic bedroom in blue and pink


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