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Ingenious Plywood Partitions and Drapes Turn Apartment into Workspace

Transforming an ordinary urban apartment into a unique and space-savvy workspace, Andrey Andreev and Petya Nikolova, founders of Another Studio, showcase how all it takes is a dash of creativity and bespoke solutions to reimagine interiors. Nestled in Sofia, the new workspace relies on a series of plywood partitions that also hold shelves, cupboards and nifty cabinets to delineate space while offering a multitude of display and storage options. The bespoke partitions were placed by removing the existing internal walls, allowing for a more open and fluid work environment that strikes a balance between privacy and interactive zones.

Tiles, drapes and plywood shelves delineate space in this open studio

Apart from the series of plywood wall-shelves, one also notice a clever use of cotton curtains that can be moved around to instantly turn a seemingly open setting into a closed meeting room. Two different work zones along with a kitchen, bathroom, foyer and balcony complete the new workspace that feels cheerful, inviting and comfortable. There is no room for sterile design inside this revamped apartment as wooden chevron flooring, décor in wood and beautiful tiles in kitchen and bathroom add both textural and visual contrast.

Wooden desks and smart partitions create a versatile and comfy workspace
Soft white curtains help shift between privacy and a more open office setting
Smart mix of shelves and cupboards creates ingenious wooden partitions that replace walls
Plywood partitions with shelves and cabinets delineate space
Plywood partitions and wooden decor transform apartment into unique workspace
Ingenious wooden partitions create visual connectivity between various workzones
Innovative apartment studio with wooden desk and chevron pattern flooring

Adaptable and relaxing, the overall design of the transformed apartment-office was inspired by elements of Japanese design along with a desire to create a fluid setting that can create multiple working environments depending on changing needs. Gorgeous lighting and tall indoor plants put the finishing touches on a makeover that is truly mesmerizing.

Tiles bring color and pattern to the studio kitchen with a coat hanger
Plywood cupboards double as cool room dividers
Cupboards, cabinets and shelves create a maze of display and storage options
Closer look at the series of cupboards and shelves
Apartment transformed into a homely workspace in Sofia
Modern bathroom in white with floor and walls covered in tiles
Floor plan of apartment transformed into a adaptable studio

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