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Exquisite Little Sweet Shop with Façade Inspired by Melting Chocolate

An idyllic retreat with beautiful beaches and a relaxing ambiance, Stavros is a Greek village that takes you off of the beaten path. It is in this scenic setting that one finds the lovely Pop Sugar sweet design shop designed by NORMLESS Architecture Studio. Much like pleasant village by the waves, the sweet shop seems to take you back in time with a hint of retro charm. You can almost see the white picket fences, the ice cream van and children on their bicycles around this quaint little eatery. The design of the space is unique with a wavy, blue façade that is inspired by the form of melting chocolate.

Pop Sugar Sweet Design Shop in Stavros, Greece

Despite its inspiration being drawn from chocolate, you can also see a reflection of the coastal charm that Stavros exudes here. A counter with geo pattern leads to an interior draped in pastel pink. Everything seems ever so chic with a pink door leading the kitchen tucked behind. A lovely display of handmade waffles, cookies and cupcakes greets customers at the front of the shape while across the street is a fabulous trolley with a design matching that of Pop Sugar where kids can find both candy and popcorn. It all feels absolutely picture-perfect!

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Look inside the trendy and popular Greek Sweet Shop with innovative design
Handmade waffles, cookies and cupcakes and doughnuts on display at Pop Sugar
Melting Chocolate inspired facade of the shop in blue stands in contrast to the neutral interior
Pastel pink hues create an attractive and elegant interior
Geo pattern on the counter gives the sweet shop a trendy, modern look

The design of the sweet shop is unassuming, attractive and yet not too loud. The use of gentle pastels makes it visually even more attractive while 25-square-meter space inside has been used cleverly to create a clutter-free and cheerful environment. Next time you are holidaying in this part of Greece, we sure suggest you grab a quick, sweet bite here! [Photography: George Sfakianakis]

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Trolley with similar design to that of the sweet shop sells candies and pop corn
Fabulous little trolley acts as an attractive extension of the sweet shop

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