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Festive DIY Holiday Season Wreaths as You Gear Up for Christmas

Another week of December is behind us and that means we are getting ever so closer to the biggest day of the Holiday Season. Even if you did spend considerable amount of time over the last weekend crafting fabulous DIY Holiday Garlands and decorating your home with DIY ornaments made on the cheap, maybe it all feels still a touch incomplete. Despite the dazzling string lights that are just starting to go up all across the globe, maybe your entryway and your front porch still seems devoid of that merry, festive cheer. Maybe it is all because you haven’t really got to decorating the front door with a beautiful Christmas wreath!

Retro yarn Christmas wreath idea

That is right; a home simply does not feel ‘Christmassy’ until you get the Holiday wreath just right. It brings cheer, holiday glam and is a decorative piece that even those who drive by your home will enjoy and appreciate. As guests, friends and family start pouring in, the lovely wreath greets them dutifully and sets the tone for a joyous celebration. As always, we believe it is DIY wreaths that should be your first option. They just seem so much more personal, fun and you can create exactly the wreath you need – taking into account both the style of your home and its street façade. So, without further delay, here is a look at the best DIY Christmas Wreaths and how to get them done in time –

Bright and Red DIY Holiday Wreaths

As winter’s chill starts to take over, you will automatically notice a shift in the hottest colors of the season. From the orange and the white of fall, it is the bold reds and gorgeous greens that start to take over, No matter what the hottest color of the season is this time around, you can rest assured that a splash of red is always trendy as Christmas starts knocking on the door. It could be breathtaking scarlet, striking Crayola, indulgent Carmine or even the regal charm of Crimson and Ruby – pick your favorite shade of red and weave it into your amazing Christmas wreath.

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Lovely use of color creates a stunning DIY Christmas wreath

The Red and white DIY Straw Wreath seems like a perfect choice for those enjoying the best of a white and wonderful Christmas. It feels festive and yet modern, is pretty easy to craft and a little green ribbon on top just makes it even more wonderful. A large poinsettia and decorative ribbon let you create a dashing wreath that feels ever so classy while the Retro Christmas Yarn Wreath with its plastic Santa, reindeer and that lovely little house is bound to be a hit with one and all. Truly jolly!

Red and white DIY Straw Wreath is easy to craft and perfect for Christmas
Beautiful and bright retro yarn Christmas wreath idea

Modern and Natural

Want a Holiday wreath that will serve you beyond Christmas and into the New Year without any qualms? Not to worry as we have plenty of ideas where you tone down on the red and turn up the style quotient. The Velvet DIY Mistletoe Wreath just seems so very… fresh! It feels simply magical, stylish and attracts your attention in an understated and exquisite manner. If you are looking for a wreath that will elevate the sophisticated appeal of your modern apartment, then this is IT!

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Velvet DIY Mistletoe Wreath
Closer look at the DIY Mistletoe Wreath

Instead of red and green, turn to white for a DIY wreath that is super-easy to craft, basic and yet makes a smart visual impact. For homes with shabby chic, minimal, modern and even midcentury styles, these wreaths are absolutely ideal. The chic white and gold wreath that we discovered on a beautiful messy is an absolute ‘beauty’ while the easy snowman wreath feels like so much fun with so little actual work

White and wintery DIY Christmas wreath
Chic white and gold Holiday wreath DIY Idea
DIY Easy Snowman Wreath for Holidays

Unabashed Christmas Celebrations

From turning down the festive charm to turning it up and in some style; these are Christmas wreaths that perfectly epitomize everything we adore about this time of the year. A wire base with string lights attached makes for a brilliant and sparkling Christmas wreath while the splendid and expansive Magical Village-Themed Christmas Wreath should become the showstopper of your neighborhood. Whether you want a Holiday wreath with retro charm or one decked with glittering ornaments, crafting one of these should take no more than just a few hours.

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Magical Village-Themed Christmas Wreath
Incorporate winter motifs into the basic wreath for a Christmassy feel [Image: decofleur]
Simple and easy wreath with string lights and Christmas ornaments
Glittering and easy DIY Holiday wreath
DIY retro inspired Christmas wreath

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