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Custom Stepped Bookshelves Steal the Spotlight Inside This Posh Paris Home!

There is always something exceptionally charming about gorgeous Parisian homes that bring along with them the iconic aura of the city itself! But this three-story residence on the outskirts of Paris is even more unique and ingenious, thanks to architect Andrea Mosca’s use of stepped beech wood shelves that become the focal point of a rejuvenated interior. Renovated and transformed from a dark and inconvenient home into a bright and light-filled modern hub, the Bookshelf House maximizes space while ensuring that the home takes on a sophisticated vibe.

Living room beech bookshelf acts also a stairway railing on the lower level

It is the series of stepped wooden shelves that transform the interior of this home, and every level of the house is altered by their presence. On the lower level, the series of shelves acts as a display unit for the living room and also doubles as a staircase railing that seems to flow into the second floor. Here the shelves are transformed into smart storage units and room dividers that combine form and function in an effortless manner. To highlight the presence of these custom shelves even further, a pillar at the entrance of the house is completely covered in mirrors, giving those who step in an instant view of the masterful creation.

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Stepped bookshelves define fabulous home makeover in Paris

Glassy pillar draped in mirrors reveals the beech stepped bookshelf at the entrance

Skylights bring plenty of natural light into the lower level living area

View of the stepped bookshelf from the entrance

Dining room and kitchen concealed behind the glass pillar and the bookshelves

Glass doors and walls seperate the kitchen from the living area

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Glass walls between the kitchen and dining area llow light to pass throug

Sliding glass doors, glass walls, a neutral color palette that relies largely on white, and understated minimal décor complete a home where it is undoubtedly the bespoke bookshelves that hold sway. It is hard to believe that this sparkling family residence in Paris was once a run-down home! [Photos: Andrea Mosca Creative Studio]

Neutral color palette, glass and wood shape the stylish kitchen

Mezzanine level beech shelving units hide the bedroom entrance

Custom units and smart rooms create a colorful and classy interior

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Wall of pink for the Kids' bedroom

Ground level floor plan of the Bookshelf House

First level floor plan of the bookshelf house in Paris

Second level floor plan of the bookshelf house

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