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Scenic Ocean Views Meet Serene Nordic Design at Villa P

Most homes are named after the locality or street the sit in and that seems to be pretty much the norm across the globe. But Villa P moves away from this as its unique façade appears to form the alphabet ‘P’ or an inverted image of the letter, depending on where you view it from! But there is much more to this Oceanside villa in Denmark than its distinctive exterior. A Nørkær+Poulsen Architects design, the fabulous Danish home brings classic Scandinavian design principles to a modern home that needs to brave harsh coastal weather while creating comfortable living space.

Exquisite contemporary Villa P in Denmark with ocean views

It is horizontal wooden strips, slate, zinc and glass that shape the exterior of Villa P. Look inside and you will find concrete playing a major role as it fashions a minimal, modern backdrop that allows the décor to standout visually. The double height living area along with kitchen and dining on the lower level has a slanted ceiling even as the bedrooms and private spaces snugly sit on the top floor. White is the color of choice here as the neutral color palette is only broken up the artwork on the walls and warm wooden surfaces.

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Ocean views and Scandinavian design shape stunning villa in Denmark
Unique facade of the building gives it its name – Villa P in Denmark
Striking street facade of Villa P
Slate, zinc and wooden strips create stylish and unique residence
Green vegetation around the Denmark home creates a natural blanket offering privacy

An open rear deck, wall of natural greenery around the home and a stone pathway leading towards the ocean complete this fascinating Danish home with a modern-Nordic design. [Photography: Patrick Ronge Vinther, Andreas Mikkel Hansen]

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Wooden strips and slate give the villa a relaxing Nordic appeal
Angular roof, large glass windows and high ceilings give the interior an airy, modern appeal
Angular roof, large glass windows and high ceilings inside the villa
Concrete walls inside the home give the villa a modern appeal
Black and white image of Villa P
Contemporay bathroom with angular ceiling and ample natural light
Stone walkway through the garden leads to the beach
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