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A World of White and Wood: Cozy, Contemporary Toronto Residence

Altering both the visual appeal and functional form of a home that was originally built in 1905, Baukultur/ca turned a seemingly ordinary home in Toronto into a cheerful, bright and inviting modern residence. Both the new interior and the exterior rely largely on elegant use of wood and a neutral color palette that employs white in an extensive fashion. It is the lower level that contains the new living area, kitchen and dining space that tastefully flow into the gorgeous rear deck even as the top floor holds the bedrooms and other private spaces.

Wooden deck extends the living area outside into the small garden

Wooden slats and boards are used through the house to give each section of the interior a cozy visual even while delineating space in an effective manner. Unlike many other homes where pops of bright color breaks up the monochromatic look, wall art and décor inside this Canadian house also embraces the white, light gray and woodsy theme! A spacious kitchen with breakfast bar that overlooks the living area becomes the focal point of the new interior that encourages interaction between family members through seamless design.

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Modern renovation of early 1900s home in Toronto
Living room in white offers a smart and relaxing backdrop
Wooden slats delineate space inside the home
Decor inside the revamped home adds to the neutral color scheme
Modern kitchen in white and gray with wooden flooring
Smart kitchen island and workstation of the revamped Canadian home
Kitchen island in white with dark cabinets
Kitchen counter and workstation in white with dark shelving and kitchen island

Design of the top level of the residence that combines classic form with modernity and a sense of lightness completes an understated and ingenious makeover which gives a home from early 1900s a new lease of life.

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Skylight brings natural ventilation into the modern home
Small TV room with sectional in gray
Top level bedroom of the canadian home with vaulted ceiling
Slanted bedroom ceiling with skylight
Ingenious use of wood adds warmth to bathroom in white

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