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Ledgewood Residence: From Wooded Slopes to a Breezy Contemporary Abode

A plan for a home that started out as a traditional New England dwelling in all its splendor soon morphed into a contemporary retreat and an inviting family residence that sits on a lush green lot in Weston, Massachusetts. The Ledgewood Residence rests on land that was once home of dense vegetation, wetlands and a huge rock ledge. But none of these proved to be a major hindrance as the creative folk from LDa Architecture & Interiors conjured and created this modern masterpiece that uses the sloped site to its advantage! The three-level interior is both spacious and serene, with clean, crisp design and a neutral color palette holding sway.

Contemporary residence on a sloped lot in Weston, Massachusetts

The most impressive and distinct feature of this luxurious residence is undoubtedly its front-to-back, two-story entrance foyer and stairway. If the sheer grandeur of the entry room along with the playfulness of the pivoting wood door make the entrance more special, then it is a series of sliding glass doors that bring in natural light and transform the interior into a cheerful setting. A series of terraces and walkways further strengthens this bond between the interior and the outdoors, as the transition from the living room to the outdoor hangout is almost seamless.

Pivoting wood front door and large foyer welcome you at the Weston house

Pivoting door in white creates a dramatic entry at the Ledgewood Residence

Modern interior in white at the gorgeous residence in Weston

Custom stone fireplace with contemporary dazzle

Shades of gray and white fashion a fabulous media room

White is the color of choice in the spacious living room with chevron pattern curtains

Open plan living area with kitchen in white and a wooden island

White is undoubtedly the color of choice inside the house, with shades of gray playing second fiddle. The use of bold color is kept to a minimum, with additions such as the green bench at the breakfast zone offering a pleasant change of pace. Refined, refreshing and at times quirky, this Weston residence is all about light-filled bliss! [Photography: Eric Roth]

Living room of the Massachusetts home connected with the pool and garden outside

Shelves, kitchen island and bar stools bring warmth of wood to the contemporary living area

Striking green bench defines the dining area

Formal dining room with sliding door

Glass skylight brings ventilation to the lower level

Modern home office with wonderful garden views

Refined, all-white contemporary bathroom design

Contemporary Ledgewood Residence by LDa Architecture & Interiors

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