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L House: Contemporary Residence on a Protected Green Lot

Contemporary homes set against beautiful, natural backdrops feel much more visually appealing than those set in an urban landscape. Maybe it is because of the more rustic backdrop that elevates the minimal, modern design of the structure. It could also be that ‘something different’ which sets polished homes in scenic, natural settings apart from many you find in cities every day. No matter what the specific reason is, a home like the L House in St. Martin, Gsies, Italy feels both enthralling and elegant at the same time! Designed by Plasma Studio, the home sits in a protected area and is created around an old and majestic silver fir tree.

Contemporary street facade of the home with angular design
Contemporary street facade of the home with angular design

The leafy and smart dolomite range behind the house ensures that there is no escaping the gray wooden silhouette of the home. This is coupled with glass and concrete walls to usher in a perfect balance between privacy and a sense of openness. Inside the residence, larch and pine wood cabinets and custom shelves add coziness to an otherwise modern space in neutral hues. The presence of large windows and double-height living areas adds to the sense of openness while the open plan living area extends into the kitchen and the dining space. [Photography: Michael Pezzei]

Old silver fir tree sits at the heart of the lot and shapes the L House
Private and minimal street facade of the L House by Plasma Studio
Sloped roofs and custom exterior give the home an identity of its own
Wood and concrete modern kitchen and dining area with polished stone floors
Angular walls and geometric style of the house stands in contrast to the picturesque natural backdrop
Beautiful and modern home in Italy built on protected landscape
Covering over the house in vertical sawn-rough boards provides shade to the home during hotter months

The west and east facades are cladded in dark, vertical sawn-rough boards. This covering extends as a continuum over the inclined roof, which from north and south is perceived as a pitched roof. Additive elements on the east and west sides, such as the canopy and the balcony, are made of galvanized and blackened steel.

Double-height ceiling gives the interior of this home a spacious and elegant visual appeal
Gray, wood and white interior of the fabulous contemporary home in Italy
Larch and pine wood cabinets create a perfect backdrop in the kitchen and offer ample storage space
Lovely protected forests and mountains shape the backdrop of the L-shaped house
Design and floor plan of House L in St. Martin, Gsies, Italy

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