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60s Italian Apartment Renovated Using Wood, Iron and Three Large Boxes!

Renovating an old apartment often means undoing the mistakes of past additions and poorly planned makeovers that turn an outdated home into a dark and congested setting. The story of this 120-square-meter apartment in Varese, Italy is pretty similar until the creative folks from Luca Compri were brought in to remove the unnecessary internal partitions and convert it into a chic, contemporary hub. And the transformation is truly remarkable, as old walls and long corridors were done away with to create an open living space and dining room, and with three box-style volumes being added to hold the new walk-in-closet, two bathrooms and a lovely kitchen.

Renovated living room with a dark bookshelf that brings visual contrast

With a distinct contemporary vibe and a neutral color scheme that is dominated by shades of gray and white (with a hint of black thrown in to highlight specific architectural features), the revitalized apartment is both refined and inviting. There is an undeniable sense of ‘cheerfulness’ in the air, as smart design brings in ample natural light, even while opening up the interior to the view outside. Raw iron sheets used to shape the new box-like additions along with warm oak surfaces ensure that there is ample textural contrast without ever disturbing the color palette.

Large wooden shelves and boxes give the interior a curated, minimal appeal

Smart design of the living room with minimal decor and a striking bookshelf

Use of custom wooden boxes adds contrast to the bookshelf in the living room

Dining area and hallway leading to the bedroom inside the apartment

Fabulous space-savvy kitchen design with minimal wooden shelves

Long kitchen island design for the revamped apartment in Italy

Design of the kitchen separates it from the living room in a distinct, visual fashion

A series of large storage units that blend into the woodsy backdrop of the kitchen ensure that visual clutter is kept to a minimum, and the décor additions also add to this sense of ‘restrained minimalism’. A spacious and ergonomic kitchen with a fabulous central island becomes the focal point of the living area, and eco-friendly finishes and energy-saving fixtures cap off the incredible renovation. [Photography: Simone Bossi & Varese-Mendrisio]

Stainless steel and wood kitchen island

New volume inside the apartmet contains two bathrooms and a kitchen

Wooden doors tuck away the cabinets in kitchen

Metal and wood come together inisde the smart Italian apartment

Metals walls bring a unique visual to the bedroom

Small bathroom with gray half walls and bathtub in black

Entry to the revamped apartment in Varese, Italy

Revamped floor plan of the 60s Italian apartment

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