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Elegant Trio Of Contemporary Pendants Deliver Textural and Geometric Contrast

When it comes to decorating homes this year, contrast seems to be the keyword. In modern, polished homes it is the natural warmth of wood and the freshness of indoor plants that is ‘trendy’. In spaces defined by curated finishes, it is exposed brick walls and concrete ceilings that are starting to steal the attention. It is all about creating space with more character, uniqueness and contrast. So, why not take a similar approach when it comes to choosing a pendant!

Borosilicate glass and copper net design of Galaxy stands out from the crowd

Ushering in both geometrical and textural contrast, we have today a lineup of three gorgeous ceiling lamps that effortlessly fit in with varied decorating styles. Each one offers something different both aesthetically and functionally and yet you would hard-pressed to actually just take one of the three home. It is of course, always a good dilemma to have!

Playfully Classy Havana

The firs among our illustrious trio from Cattelan Italia, Havana is all about ushering in the good times! Playful, striking and still unabashedly contemporary, Havana is a great lighting fixture for home bars, masculine man caves and that space above the small kitchen island. Black on the outside and golden on the inside, the wafer-thin gold lining that is visible from distance ensures that this dramatic lighting fixture never goes unnoticed.

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Elegant and striking contemporary pendants in black and gold
Smart pendants are perfect for the modern minimal dining space
Bold and unique design of the Havana pendant
Closer look at the playful design of Havana

A Galaxy of Brilliance!

A truly brilliant composition, Galaxy combines a brilliant borosilicate glass and copper net at its heart with a wiry, steel or nickel frame. Apart from the obvious metallic glint that this pendant brings to the room, it also creates an instant focal point that is hard to miss. The frame of Galaxy also ensures that the space is visually unobstructed, making it a perfect choice for small dining rooms and living areas.

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Combine a multitude of Galaxy pendants to create a cool focal point in the room
Dashing pendant combines geo contrast with metallic dazzle
Gorgeous Galaxy pendant from Cattelan Italia
A Closer look at the lovely pendant with metallic glint

Ceramic Style of Asia

Maybe what your living room in stone, glass and wood needs is a tiny hint of ceramic beauty? Asia delivers precisely that with its curated, hand-painted lampshade that also promises precious metallic dazzle. You can pick between its white and bronze or gray and bronze variants and both of them look equally stunning.

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Exquisite hand-painted ceramic lampshade of Asia
Fabulous pendant also feels like a carefully crafted work of art!
Lampshade in gray with metallic accent for the contemporary home
Touch of metallic glitz holds your attention instantly
Brilliant and contemporary Asia pendant

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