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This Refined Aussie Home Sits Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Unbelievable as it may sound; this expansive Aussie home does indeed sit exactly between a giant rock on one side of the house and another on the other side! And yet Wolf Architects manages to turn what seems like a crippling handicap into an advantage as they used the rocky terrain to their advantage with a stunning basement that is etched into the formation along with a super-cool six car basement. The list of impressive features at the Two Rock House go beyond just its overall presence as a 25-meter long infinity-edge lap pool, double-story music studio in the rear and sweeping living areas steal the show with their sheer flamboyance.

25-meter infinity lap pool of the house is an undoubted showstopper

With one of the client being a drummer, the architects decided to incorporate the design of the drum kit in a symbolic fashion with thee large, circular windows that grace the front and the rear façade of the home. Rusted steel panels also make their presence felt as they create a more private upper level even while giving the homeowners ample privacy. It is the basement that contains the garage along with the first level of the music studio and home theater with the ground floor hosting the public and guest spaces. An open living area with a stunning brass fireplace becomes the focal point here.

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Sculptural fireplace in brass for the open living room
Modern living space in white with relaxing decor and a view of the world outside
Contemporary kitchen in white with polished central island with marble countertop
Rusted steel panels make their presence felt throughout the house
Rusted steel panels give the facade a unique look

Large glass doors and sweeping glass windows connect the home with the expansive garden and outdoor relaxation zones, allowing for a seamless extension of the indoor living area. With the upper level housing the bedrooms and other family areas, life at this fully-automated smart home is both comfortable and relaxing.

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View of the entry with a unique front door and textural contrast
Refined contemporary Two Rock Mansion in Australia
Basement floor plan of the modern Aussie home
Ground floor plan of the modern home in Australia
First floor plan of the Two Rock House

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