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Movable Wall of Wooden Slats: Marindia House in Montevideo

A balance between complete privacy and an open ambiance that connects the home with the outdoors, Marindia House in Montevideo, Uruguay presents two completely different worlds to you. Designed by MASA arquitectos, it is a series of foldable walls with wooden slats that allow the house to turn a closed living area, kitchen and dining into an open, pavilion-style setting that is one with the landscape around it. The beautiful use of wooden slats also gives the residence a unique façade, setting it apart from others. It also allows sunlight to enter the home in a controlled, filtered manner, keeping the temperature inside cozy and comfortable.

Movable wooden slats create a dynamic facade for the home in Uruguay

While the street façade of the house is filled with the movable walls and glass windows with wooden slats, the rear wall is more closed and less adaptable. On the inside, the style is distinctly modern with a simple living room, a single-wall kitchen in white and a small dining space combined ever s efficiently. The bedrooms offer a more private haven even as natural light floods into them at sunrise. An exposed concrete ceiling adds another layer of textural charm to the house even as white, polished finishes elevate its cheerful side. [Photography: Federico Cairoli]

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Doors with wooden slats ope up to transform the kitchen and living area into a pavilion style setting
Light-filled interior of the home with plenty of privacy
Refined modern finishes are combined with rough exposed concrete inside the house
Wall with wooden slats and doors lets filtered light to come through
Exquisite modern home in Montevideo with movable doors that feature wooden slats

The natural landscape is enhanced with the geometry of the construction, and the house, it seems more habitable and protective in the presence of a wilder and more virgin natural landscape. The envelope is posed as a filter that diffuses the edges, a veil, capable of being opened wide, allowing nature to enter the domesticity of the home.

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Look inside the two breezy bedrooms of the home in Montevideo
Folding doors with wooden slats open up to connect the interior with outdoors
Rear facade of the house to the south is largely closed from the outdoors
Relaxing landscape around the home in Montevideo
Closer look at the wooden-slat-clad facade of the house

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