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House in House: Gray Exterior Cloaks a Relaxing Modern Interior

Not every home needs to be about a spectacular or unique façade that steals the spotlight, turns heads and makes a big impact right off the bat. In fact, a modest and unassuming façade that blends with other homes in the neighborhood offers advantages of its own. Offering just that, but with a hint of originality and contemporary gray panache is the House in House in Melbourne designed by Steffen Welsch Architects. Inspired by Austrian architect Hermann Czech’s philosophy that sees ‘Architecture as background’, rather than an entity that stands out visually, the new family home is all about understated elegance.

Gray tiles and wood give the house a unique exterior

On the inside, it is white along with light wooden tones that shape the living area along with the kitchen and dining room that flow into the central courtyard. One the other side of the lovely courtyard sits the bedroom that is connected with the living area through a stone pathway. The presence of the central courtyard adds to the cheerful and light-filled ambiance of the interior with pendants in bright orange making their snazzy presence felt.

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Modest street facade of the House in House
Dining area with wooden flooring to demarcate it from the living space and kitchen
Large and open kitchen design with wooden shelves and corian countertops
Long hallway decorated with framed artwork
Rock pathway leads to the garden outside
Stone pathway and lovely courtyard connect the bedrooms with the living area
Lovely lighting coupled with natural ventilation illuminates the hallway

A large deck with pergola shapes the outdoor living zone with space for vines and creepers to grow in over time. Despite their modern appeal, the bedrooms embrace a refined Scandinavian look even as sliding glass doors and a long corridor filled with lovely artwork complete this exquisite Aussie home. [Photography: Shannon McGrath]

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Wooden walls give the bedroom a cozy Scandinavian look
Shower area and bathroom of the House in House
Large glass door connects the bathroom with the exterior
Vines and creepers can offers natural shade over time
Wooden deck with pergola frame around it

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