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Rosales Quijada House: Striking Exterior and a Cantilevered Top Level

The idyllic little town of Chicureo in Colina, Chile is renowned for its scenic landscape and many haciendas filled with greenery. Presenting a striking contrast to its serene, rustic backdrop is the fabulous Rosales Quijada House with its wood and concrete contemporary structure that leaves you mesmerized. Wooden slats and a cantilevered top level create a striking street façade that sets this family home designed by GITC Arquitectura apart from its more modest neighbors! And on the inside, it is the division of private and public spaces across two different levels and a double-height living space that define its modern aesthetics.

Wooden and concrete exterior of the exquisite home in Chicureo

The lavish home was specifically crafted to meet the demands of a modern family with two kids, and it is the lower level that contains the open, sunken living area, along with other social zones, the kitchen and the dining area. But it is the top floor that draws your attention with its 24-meter-long corridor that connects the parents’ wing on the east side of the house with the kids’ wing on the west, along with the balconies on both ends and the social zone in between. This fabulous fusion of different spaces is what gives the home its unique form and distinctive style, even while clearly defining each area.

Stunning contemporary home with cantilevered second level in the Chilean town of Chicureo

Sleek and contemporary structure of smart home in Chile

Sunken living room enlivened by a dash of fuchsia

Double height open living area of Casa Chicureo

Sculptural staircase illuminated by natural sunlight

Glass bricks for the kitchen filter in sunlight in a colorful and gentle fashion

A seamless blend of locally sourced wood with concrete and steels ensures that there is ample textural contrast within the home, and large windows and glass doors bring in plenty of natural freshness. Another smart feature of this Chilean home is the glass brick wall in the kitchen that filters in sunlight and brings a multi-colored and dynamic aura to the space. Complete with colorful décor, aesthetic accessories and a dashing stairway that connects the two levels, this handsome Chicureo home surely moves away from the mundane. [Photography: Felipe Díaz Contardo]

Second level family area with TV room, study and kids' play area

Long corridor connects the two wings on the top level of the stylish Chilean home

Wooden slat offer the perfect shelter from sunlight even as the home offers stunning views of the lovely landscape

Gorgeous landscape around the house adds to its serene elegance

Aerial view of Casa Chicureo

Floor plan of first level of contemporary private home in Chile

Second level floor plan with separate wings for the kids and adults

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