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Vibrant Colorful Outdoor Living Areas to Brighten Up Your Summer

One of the most exciting ways to bring character and vibrancy to any space (indoors or outdoors) is by embracing a unique color palette. Traditionally, decor lovers have shied away from using bright and bold hues, either committing to one statement color for an entire room, or avoiding color altogether. This article aims to show you that incorporating bold colors into your area is a fun way to put a modern twist on your existing decor. Since we can’t stop dreaming about spending our evenings outdoors this summer, we found 10 different patios that are designed specifically with a bold color scheme in mind to get you inspired for the season.

Bright Blue Day Bed Patio Decor Anthropologie Outdoor Striped Rug Pink Walls Color
A bright blue outdoor lounge area from Anthropologie makes this summer space feel tropical. Image via Anthropologie.

Colorful Rustic-Inspired Spaces

The rustic trend is taking the decor world by storm and the patio might just be the best place to make it happen in your own home. Natural and organic materials like wood, rope, wicker and plants will help accomplish the rustic theme. The modern rustic-chic style incorporates bright colors and patterns to liven up the area, making the rough farmhouse features feel a little more feminine. Check out these amazing rustic inspired patios that are characterized by their use of color:

This modern rustic outdoor kitchen and dining set up relies on bold red statement chairs and a large canvas art piece to add some color to the wooden patio space. Image via HGTV on Pinterest.
Chic Feminine White Peach Southern Pink Colorful Outdoor Patio Space Rattan Pendant Light Fringe Area Rug
This Southern-belle inspired patio embraces the natural materials of a large jute rug, a patterned fringe rug, and rattan style pendant lights. Bright peach cushions and floral throw pillows complete the look. Image via SouthernLiving.com.
Modern Country Rustic Chic Porch Tiffany Blue Teal Aquamarine Sunroom Pink Chevron Area Rug
A country-chic rustic themed porch with a bright pink chevron rug and teal and turquoise accents. Image via BetterHomesandGardens on Pinterest.

Colorful Stripes in Statement Spaces

It’s no secret that an outdoor area rug can transform your space from zero-to-cozy in a heartbeat. Selecting a bright, multi-colored or patterned rug is a great way to bring some excitement to your outdoor area. The classic stripe design featured in the patios below is reminiscent of handwoven Mexican textile blankets and large cotton beach towels. We found inspiration in these modern, fun and feminine patios and balconies that successfully use a striped area rug to bring color outdoors:

Modern Colorful Colourful Bright Patio Balcony Small Space Solution Pink Fuscia Decor
A small balcony space is transformed with a bright pink bistro set and a matching multi-colored runner rug. Image via ElleDecor.com.
Bright Colorful Rainbow Outdoor Balcony Patio Stripe Area Rug Decorative Throw Pillows
A large multi-colored striped area rug and abstract floral pillows make this balcony patio pop. Image via EffortlessStyle.com.
Pink and Green Striped Outdoor Area Rug Chic Patio Furniture Crate Table
A large pink watermelon inspired striped area rug is the base for this colorful, delicately styled patio. Image via PMQforTwo.com.

Bright Furniture Pieces for the Patio

Accent furniture is the fastest way to add big style even if you’re working with a small space. A bright statement coffee table or a fun patio chair is sure to be the centerpiece of any outdoor set up. Consider investing in a bold-colored statement chair like the Plata Import Acapulco Chair from Walmart. To complete the energetic vibe, find some complimentary decorative throw pillows and enjoy your bright, beautiful lounge spot.
Acapulco Blue Rustic Outdoor Patio Color Throw Pillows Mix Fake Grass
A bright blue Acapulco chair and colorful throw pillows are the statement color pieces on this rustic inspired patio. Image via ApartmentTherapy on Pinterest.
Bold orange accent chairs and a matching metal table add a bright pop of color to this neutral outdoor space. Image via WestElm.com.
The SOLLERON Ikea patio furniture set is styled here with a bold red pouf, a statement coffee table, matching TRANARO side table, and bright throw pillows. Image via Ikea.

Now that you’ve seen the boldest and brightest outdoor spaces that are inspiring us for the summer season, you can go ahead and begin to design your own patio escape that suits your personal style. When it comes to summertime, the brighter the better! Add pops of color wherever you can and see how it transforms any space from average to energetic with just a few small changes.

Kylene Loucks

I write for decoist.

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